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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72: New Trailer Out! Plot Details & Release Date

This is the first time ever that the studio tier of Dragon Ball Super is promoting a manga chapter. That’s right, Toei Animation has recently released a brand-new trailer for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72. The chapter that follows the return of Granolah now has a visual appeal through a special trailer.


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 has been in buzz for the past month. Now, it’s finally time that we witness the wrath of Granolah over the Saiyans. The 72nd chapter came out four days ago, and it has left behind many questions. How did Granolah become so powerful? Is this the end of Goku and Vegeta? So, let us explore all that we know about the latest chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72: Plot Details

As the rough drafts suggested, the chapter follows the storyline on Planet Cereal, where Granolah is waiting for the two superheroes. As soon as Goku and Vegeta step foot on Cereal, blasts start showering over them. Thus, Granolah shows up! The Heeter we have all been waiting for. Now, Granolah is in no mood for small-talk. He keeps charging strong attacks at Goku and Vegeta.

The Saiyans soon realize that taking down Granolah will not be easy. The Cerealian possesses blinding powers much like the God of Destruction, Beerus. Moreover, it’s very early in this fight that Goku acquires the Super Saiyan God form to defend from Granolah’s strong attacks. Thus, the chapter ends at a cliffhanger when Goku is in Super Saiyan Blue form and Granolah is also in his power-up form.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72: Trailer

A short 30-second clip was released through the Twitter account of Dragon Ball Super. The video gives a visual appeal to the upcoming battle between gods. Moreover, the trailer only presents a slideshow of the characters from the latest chapter. The energizing soundtrack will definitely force you to read chapter 72 yourself. Here is the video:


Chapter 73 Release Date

According to the set schedule of the manga, Dragon Ball Super Chapter 73 will release on June 20th, 2021. The timings may vary for different time zones. But the chapter will come out at Central Time: 11:00 AM CDT for the global fans. Moreover, you can read all the previous chapters of DBS on Viz Media.


Are you excited about the latest chapter of DBS? How did you like the latest trailer of the previous chapter? Do share your thoughts in the comment section down below. So, as the world waits for the conclusion of an epic battle, we will be right here serving you the latest updates in no time.