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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72: New Villain Coming Up! Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 is only two days away now. Are you excited to see what’s coming next? The forthcoming chapter is titled ‘The Saiyan and The Cerealian.’ As speculated, the rough drafts of the chapter are finally out, and they reveal something unexpected. So far, all of the internet was brewing fan-theories about the ultimate entry of Granolah. But, the drafts point towards a completely different picture.


So, DBS Chapter 71 left at a point of grave tension. The news of Granolah’s comeback fills everyone with fright. But now it looks like this arc will be on the sidelines for the next chapter. This is because a new villain is entering the picture. Who is the new antagonist? Why is he after Goku? Let us explore all the odds!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72: The New Villain In Making

The least anticipated arc from the previous chapter turns out to be the most significant one in the next. That’s right, the Elec and Gas storyline. The drafts confirm that Heeters Elec and Gas arrive at the ruins of their home planet, Cereal. It pains Gas to watch the remains of his home. Now, his only motive is to wait for Goku and Vegeta to step foot on Cereal so that he can execute the two. With Granolah on the rise and an enraged Gas, how will the two Saiyan aid the earth?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72

Previous Chapter Precap!

The previous chapter saw the Goku and Vegeta training alongside Master Whis in order to prepare themselves for a bigger threat. Master Whis wishes that Goku learns to acquire the Ultra Instinct state soon as this will help him in his future combats. Goku, being a Saiyan, is skeptical of the Ultra Instinct state. Thus, Whis teaches Goku the practical difference between angels and Saiyans.

In a parallel arc, Elec, Oil, and Macki are trying to find out Goku’s weaknesses. Hence, Zuno is the one who helps them because he is the only Heeter who has fought Goku. It’s almost after 40 years that Elec visits his home planet, Cereal. Here, he is accompanied by a new Heeters- Gas.


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72: Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 is only two days away now! The new chapter is all set to release on May 20, 2021. Hence, you can read the latest chapters of DBS Viz Media and other Manga Plus apps. Now that there are two villains in the picture, how will the heroes fight both Granolah and Gas?


Are you up for the new Gas Arc? What are your thoughts about this new villain? Please share your opinions with us in the comment section. Until then, Anime Daily will be right here serving you the latest updates.