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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72: Granola Vs. Goku & Vegeta! Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 is finally around the corner. Are you excited to watch it? The ultimate entry of this outing has taken all the fans by storm this time. The last chapter was like the silence before the storm. The arrival of Granola was anticipated in the previous edition. Meanwhile, Granola’s minion, Heeters, is plotting with all his might to pit Goku and Vegeta against his master.


The latest chapter begins with Goku and Vegeta still training with Master Whis while discussing the strategies to overcome their power barriers. We see that Goku is asking his master what the difference is between an angel and a Saiyan. Well, Master Whis has the most basic contrast to tell him. Hence, he explains that the only difference between the two is the Ultra Instinct mode. On the flipside of events are Elec, Oil, and Macki are planning to meet Zuno. Well, Zuno happens to be the only one who knows about Goku’s weaknesses. So, let us see what will happen in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72: What’s Coming?

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72

The manga has been foreshadowing the battle between the Saiyans and Granola for a long time. All of the franchise’s fans are super excited to witness the fight of the three most powerful beings on the manga. Granola has now acquired immense power with the help of a dragon. It will be interesting to see how his newfound powers come to use. The new Granola has not used his powers yet.

On the other hand, Goku and Vegeta are also training day-in and day-out. The two of them have been improving their skills under two of the most powerful people of the world, Master Whis and the God of Destruction, Lord Beerus. Their teachings will come to use in the upcoming ultimate battle. It is also expected that, at some point, Goku will acquire the Ultra Instinct state during the match. Over seventy-one chapters have been growing towards this particular moment. Fortunately, the time has finally arrived. Let’s see who will take down who first.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72: What Happened So Far?

The last that we saw of Goku, Vegeta, and Master Whis was when the three were in the training ground sharpening their skills. To teach Goku the practical difference between an angel and a Saiyan, Whis teleports his weapon to attack him. However, Goku succeeds in anticipating the attack and sends it back to Whis, but misses the second attack. The weapon hits him directly on the forehead. This is a big realization for him as he understands that he is way too weak in front of Master Whis. Hence, Goku understands that angels are always in Ultra Instinct State while Saiyans need to work extra hard in order to retain that state.

DBS Chapter 73: Release Date

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72

The next of Dragon Ball Super Chapter 72 is slated to release on May 20, 2021. This is just a probable release date based on the manga’s release cycle. But it is also likely that the next chapter will not be postponed for any particular reason. This moment was being foreshadowed since the beginning of DBS. We can say with certainty that the battle sequence would last for several upcoming chapters. So, tighten your seatbelts because DBS is all set to bring you an amazing fight sequence soon.


Who do you think will be the last man standing in this ultimate battle? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section. For more updates on Dragon Ball Super, keep an eye on this corner.