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Eden Anime Review: [Spoiler-Free] Sci-fi With A Message!

Have you watched Eden Anime yet? In a struggle to prove their stature in the anime business, Netflix is here with yet another original. The streamer has been marketing this particular anime for the last seven months. Yes, we are talking about Eden. A project that was announced back in October with a teaser is finally out for streaming. Did it hit the mark or miss it completely? The Anime Daily is here with a spoiler-free Eden Anime Review.

Eden is a science fiction anime which is directed by the Fullmetal Alchemist director Yasuhiro Irie. Toshihiro Kawamoto is the character designer for this show. Moreover, Clover Xie is assisting Irie in direction. Likewise, Justin Leach is the creator of the show. So, let us review this mini anime series by Netflix.

Eden Anime Review

Eden Anime Review: Short But Impactful Plot

It is true that the Eden anime series is a relatively small show. It only has four episodes, thirty-minute each. So it becomes extra difficult to convey the little details in such a short amount of time. However, Eden manages to set up a world, introduce characters, and build conflicts just in four episodes. Moreover, there is also room left for filler moments that make this show much more easy-going.

The story of Eden is set in a futuristic world where all the humans are extinct, and only robots roam around in the world. One day, two robots come across a human baby that survived the apocalypse. But they must protect the child from the authorities because they might believe her to be a threat. Thus, the three former beautiful familial relationships in a mechanical world.

The plot is intriguing, with a sense of beauty and innocence within it. Watching a child calling robots her mother and father is incomparable to any other scene. Even the robots start nurturing the little baby as if she was their own child. You will definitely look for smaller moments that leave an impact even after the series is over.

Eden Anime Review: Animation & Cast

Credit where credit is due, the team of Eden has certainly outdone themselves in terms of animation. The smooth transitions, the color grading, and the world-building are all on point and resonate with the theme of the show. Studio CGCG has shown the world that 3D CGI is the future of anime. There is an overall balance in the color pallet that we see throughout all four episodes. Thus, we give an A+ to the animation team of Eden!

The team of voice actors has done justice to this incredible story. Ruby Rose, Rosario Dawson, David Tennant, Neil Patrick Harris, and JP Karliack are all in sync with their characters. No voice feels out of place at any point.

Eden Anime Review

Eden Anime Review Conclusion: A Must-Watch

If you own a spare Netflix membership, the Eden anime is the best use of your account. And don’t shy away from lending your password to your friends because this show is something everyone should watch. Lastly, Eden is a story of hope in times of darkness. The moral resonates that innocence is stronger than power. Thus, don’t miss out on this beautiful piece by Netflix.

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