GKIDS Has Revealed The English Cast For Lupin The 3rd: The First

Lupin III is considered as one of the eldest yet famous franchises in the anime kingdom. Though it is its manga, anime TV series or feature film every part has its own charm. It is not only popular in Japan but, people from different parts of the world are aware of it and the franchise Lupin III has a huge fan base throughout the globe. Now, after creating a big fandom the anime is seeking to create its hype in some other countries too.

On Wednesday, July 15, 2020, one of the popular anime streaming network of USA came forward and break the news regarding the availability of Lupin The 3rd on its platform. According to the GKIDS, it has secured the rights to telecast Lupin The 3rd: The First on its network. Along with it, GKIDS revealed the list of voice actors for English dub of an anime.

Tony Oliver as Lupin III
Richard Epcar as Daisuke Jigen
Lex Lang as Goemon Ishikawa
Michelle Ruff as Fujiko Mine
Doug Erholtz as Koichi Zenigata
Laurie C. Hymes as Laetitia
J. David Brimmer as Lambert
Paul Guyet as Gerard

Having these fabulous voice artists on the board will surely double the fun of Lupin The 3rd: The First. Apart from the English Voice artists GKIDS also elaborate the synopsis of an anime.

The anime Lupin The 3rd: The First is an adaption of Monkey Punch’s Lupin III manga. This anime which is an outcome of a duo of TMS Entertainment and Marza Animation Planet released in Japan in late 2019 on December 6. However, after its release this 3DCG anime of the Lupin The Third franchise received a huge amount of appraisal and after gathering all of it, the anime is on its way to GKIDS.

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