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Idoly Pride Manga Ending! Last Chapter Release Date & Future Plans

The fans of the Idoly Pride manga may be underwhelmed by the latest news updates. In a recent update, the makers of the Stage of Asterism manga have announced that the story was about to end in the next chapter. The news did not shock the audience as much. This is because it is known to be a short story. It was known since the beginning that the manga would not stretch for longer than three-four volumes. So, when is the manga ending? What are the future plans? Here is everything to know.

The Idoly Pride manga franchise is a derivation of the Japanese idol-theme multimedia project. The venture was started by CyberAgent with the underlying, QualiArts, Straight Edge, and Music Ray’n. Stage of Asterism is the first manga in the franchise. The second manga was Beginning of Lodestar. In January 2021, Studio Lerche also brought the anime project to the floors. Now, the future of the franchise is under the radar.

Idoly Pride Manga: Official Announcement!

The news comes from the official Twitter account of Kadokawa’s Comic Newtype manga. The tweet suggested that the popular music idol story was set to conclude in the next chapter. Two volumes of Idoly Pride Stage of Asterism have already been published by Kadokawa Shoten. Now, this chapter will be the final edition of the third volume. For now, the serialization details of the next volume have not been released. Further details will be revealed after the launch of Idoly Pride Chapter 20.

What Is The Future Of The Manga?

Before the Stage of Asterism even came to a halt, Kadokawa had already launched a second manga in the franchise. On contrary to the original plans, the new manga, Beginning of Lodestar, was illustrated by a second artist. Thus, it is not clear if a third part is already under construction. Moreover, there is no confirmation on a sequel manga either. On top of that, writer Hiroki Haruse has refrained from saying anything about the future of the manga franchise. Hence, for the time being, fans can only hope that Kadokawa decides to renew the Idoly Pride Manga series after this one ends.

Idoly Pride Manga: Last Chapter Release Date

For the time being, neither the artist nor the publisher has said anything about the release date of the next chapter. In most cases, Comic Newtype magazine announces the release date much before its release. Thus, fans can expect to get the news in the upcoming issues of the magazine. The official website of Comic Newtype states that the next update for the manga will come on November 23, 2021. Thus, fans can expect to get more details then and there.

Moreover, the launch details of the next volume will also be announced in some time. We will be sure to update this section as soon as the news comes in. So, stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.

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