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Kaguya Sama Love Is War Manga Returns From Hiatus! New Arc Begins!

Hiatuses have become a common trope in the manga industry these days. The cases of health problems of manga authors are also increasing. Thus, fans have also become considerate towards long breaks and hiatuses in the release. Mangas like One Piece and Black Clover is especially known for relentless breaks. In the same chain, the latest chapter of Kaguya Sama Love Is War Manga was also on a hiatus last week. So, when is the new chapter returning? What to expect from the next arc? Here is all you need to know about the return.

Last week, Kaguya Sama Love Is War Chapter 239 was running on a delay. The official Twitter account of Manga Mogura RE reported that the break was in regards to the commencement of the Final Arc of the manga. While the makers did confirm that the new arc will begin from the next chapter, they have not clarified if this will be the last.

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Manga

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Manga Enters The Final Arc

After the week-long abrupt hiatus, the manga is soon returning with a new chapter. The next chapter will not only bring pause to the hiatus, but it will also commence the new arc of the manga. The update about the arc was announced last week when the hiatus was announced. The official Twitter handle of Manga Mogura RE has revealed that the manga might go on an uncalled hiatus to prep for the Final Arc of the story.

While the official news does not confirm the next arc to be its final, there are strong speculations of the same. In the past, almost all of the leaks and predictions by the Manga Mogura RE news page have come true. Thus, it can be safely believed that the new act of the story is going to its last.

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Manga

What To Expect From The Next Arc?

As per the ongoing storyline, the probable final arc of Kaguya Sama Love Is War Manga will begin the last act in Kaguya and Shirogane’s courtship. For now, Miyuki is struggling to express his feelings to Kaguya. He came to know from the principal that he has Kaguya’s brother is ruling the school. Thus, he wants to help Kaguya feel safe around him. Besides the main storyline, the love story between Ishigami and Iino is also brewing.

Thus, the final arc will bring a conclusion to three of the main plot points of the story. It will be interesting to see who will end up with who by the end of the manga.

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Manga

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Manga: New Arc Release Date

According to Anime News Network, the new arc of the manga will commence from the 47th issue of the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. As per the set schedule, the next issue of the magazine will come out on October 21, 2021. In case of a delay in the magazine’s release, we will be sure to update this section. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.