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Kingdom Season 3 Episode 24: Li Mu Loses The War? Release Date & Plot

Fans have been waiting for Kingdom Season 3 Episode 24 for a while now. Well, their wait will come to an end very soon. The next edition is going to mark the end of the mad War that has been going on in Zui for the last five days. Well, in the previous episode, the reinforcements from Zheng’s allies finally arrived in the battle ground. Without even a signal, the troops disintegrated Li Mu’s army within minutes. So what will General Li Mu do now? Is this the end of the War for him? Here is all you need to know.

The forthcoming episode will declare the name of the final victor of the War. Since Lord Biao’s death, the killings have ceased to end. Now, the reinforcements are likely to end this mad War. However, General Li Mu will surely try to guard the lives of his men with some kind of defense strategy. Let’s see if he can escape this trap once more.

Kingdom Season 3 Epiosde 24

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 24: Plot Details

The forthcoming episode of Kingdom Season 3 is titled “Deepest Gratitude.” The title is suggestive of King Zheng’s gratitude towards the reinforcements. As the last episode displayed, Li Mu’s entire army went into havoc when the troops attacked them. The army was not even prepared with their weapons when the attack began. Now, the episode will focus on the battle on their side. Besides, Li Mu will come up with a strong plan of defense to break the chain of attacks over his camps.

However, it is most likely that the plan may not work. This is because Li Mu’s army has been fighting for the last five days. While they have eliminated most of Zheng’s men, his army’s strength is not feasible against a strong troop. Later on, Lord Xin might also announce that they have won the War. Thus, Kingdom Season 3 Episode 24 might showcase the celebrations in Zui as the civilians commemorate the hard-fouth victory.

Kingdom Season 3 Epiosde 24

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 23rd episode of Kingdom Season 3, the reinforcements finally arrived on the sixth day of the battle. After delaying the troops for three days, the men have finally arrived to help Zheng’s army. On the other side of the battle, Li Mu was confident that the sixth day would mark their victory in the War. Thus, he was easing the attacks. Most of his men were in the camps resting after five days of relentless fighting. However, Li Mu heard a large troop incoming their way from behind. The general realized that his army was in danger.

But his men insisted that there was no troop approaching them. Thus, they all dropped their weapons. Suddenly, the army surrounded them from all three sides and began to kill the men both in the arena and the camps. As this mad killing continued, King Zheng asked his men about the reinforcement. To this, only Lord Chewung responded by saying that he had knowledge of the incoming help.

Kingdom Season 3 Epiosde 24

Kingdom Season 3 Episode 24: Release Date

The events of the battle turned upside down when the reinforcement arrived on Zheng’s side. But the victory is still not a surety now. Can King Zheng bring home the crown of victory? So, Kingdom Season 3 Episode 24 will release this Monday on October 4, 2021. All episodes of the popular drama anime series are available on Funimation. Stay tuned for more updates.

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