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Meikyuu Black Company Episode 8: Kinji Chases Raiza! Release Date & Plot

The last few episodes of The Dungeon of Black have been breathtaking for fans. The story began just like any other Isekai series. However, it has now become an action-packed thriller. With every episode, the tension in the demon world is increasing. The last resort for the people of the Black Dungeon is Kinji, who is the prophesized hero of the demon world. In the previous episode, Kinji was given his first task. So, will Kinji be able to save the demon world from the wrath of Raiza? Here is all you need to know about Meikyuu Black Company Episode 8.

The upcoming episode of MBC will feature some epic chase sequences. Time travel is a tricky task in the dungeons. Thus, Kinji will have to reach the opening of the third floor before Belza fails and sets up the alarm. Moreover, the viewers can also expect to see the creation of a master plan that will take down Raiza from the thrones of the Demon world.

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 8

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 8: Plot Details & Preview

The title of Meikyuu Black Company Episode 8 is “Crazy-like Weapon.” It clearly hints towards Kinji’s plan of action. He will likely formulate it in order to stop Raiza from taking over the Magic world. After Rim left her job of saving the magic world, the demon lord has placed her trust in Kinji. So, Raiza has been able to take control of the world by using advanced technologies. Thus, Kinji will come up with a plan to counter these machines before they are set up in the past.

Fans can also expect to see much action in the upcoming episode as Kinji will get into a chase down the dungeons. The first part of the mission is going to be infiltrating the place before Belza fails. Thus, with this opening, he will be able to take his team into the dungeons. The preview of Meikyuu Black Company Episode 8 also suggests that the team develop a new gadget weapon. It will help them fight Raiza’s men.

Previous Episode Recap!

The 7th chapter of The Dungeon of Black Company began with Kinji’s confrontation with the Demon Lord. The latter told Kinji that it was the Calonian civilization that created magic for the world. He also revealed that Kinji was called in to finish the task when Rim left her at the dungeon undone. The lord also explained the task to Rim’s replacement. He asked Kinji to travel back in time and stop Raiza from taking over the dungeon world.

He was also given a choice to return back to his normal life in Tokyo, but he chose to finish the job. Later on, Kinji started working on the plan to reach the Calonian city. His acquaintance Wanibe reveals that the dungeons from the third floor have become impregnable. Thus, it will be interesting to see how Kinji will enter the floor to kill Raiza in the next episode.

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 8

Meikyuu Black Company Episode 8: Release Date

The latest episode of The Dungeon of Black Company will set the stage for a strong rivalry between Kinji and the Demon King’s clan. So, Meikyuu Black Company Episode 8 is releasing this Friday on August 27, 2021. All the episodes of the popular fantasy anime release on Funimation. Moreover, the free version of the episodes will be available from September 3, 2021.

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