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Mieruko Chan Episode 7: Will Miko Return Her Powers? Release Date

The last episode of Mieruko Chan left with the most jaw-dropping cliffhanger. So far, Miko’s powers have only been one-sided. She can see ghosts, but the ghosts do not know about her vision. This changed in the last episode when the two spirits made contact with Miko. After exorcising the giant spirit, the two spirits spoke to Miko directly. Mieruko Chan Episode 7 will answer all the questions brought up by this encounter. Here is all you need to know about the next episode of Mieruko Chan.

The upcoming episode has some exciting revelations for the fans. Now that ghosts have offered to talk to Miko, she can finally clarify all her doubts about her vision. She can also seize this opportunity to reverse the effects of her new powers. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this conversation with the ghosts.

Mieruko Chan Episode 7: Plot Details!

The forthcoming episode of Mieruko Chan is titled “Did You See That.” The last episode left all fans in a state of shock when the ghosts talked to Miko. So the story will pick up from this exact point. For now, Miko is petrified after seeing that ghosts talked to her. But she will eventually put herself together and come to terms with what she just saw. Later, the two spirits might reveal what they meant by ‘three times.’

The conversations with the ghosts might solve many mysteries for Miko. She might also ask ghosts about her newfound vision. Thus, Mieruko Chan Episode 7 will give answers to many unsolved questions. Later, Miko will dictate the entire incident to Hana. The fact that a giant ghost was following her will scare Hana. The episode is expected to end on a conclusive note, with Miko deciding what she will do with her new powers.

Mieruko Chan Episode 7

Previous Episode Recap!

In last week’s episode of Mieruko Chan, Hana and Miko encountered the most dangerous incident of their lives. As the two of them were walking back to their homes from the bakery, Miko noticed that a giant spirit was following them. Just then, a boy crossed their way who was looking for his dog. The child told Hana that his dog had run into the haunted house. Hana decided to help the boy. Thus, she walked inside the house.

Miko noticed that the ghost also followed Hana into the house. She tried to warn her friend, but she did not comply. Then, Miko noticed something strange inside the house. She saw that two other spirits were trying to exorcise the larger ghost. When the giant spirit vanished, the spirits looked at Miko and said, “Three Times.” Miko froze and failed to understand what they had said. The episode ended with Hana returning from the house with the boy’s dog.

Mieruko Chan Episode 7

Mieruko Chan Episode 7: Release Date

The seventh episode of this popular horror-comedy will bring newer problems for Miko and Hana. So, what lies ahead for these two girls? The next outing will have all the answers. So, Mieruko Chan Episode 7 is scheduled to release this Sunday on November 14, 2021. All episodes of the series are available on Funimation with English subtitles. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates. 

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