Most Annoying One Piece Characters Ranked! #1 Will Shock You

Who do you think are the most annoying One Piece characters? Rooting for characters is one the most common chores of anime and manga fans. But there is one other thing that viewers discuss most often, which is hating on certain characters. Alongside lovable and favorite characters, there are also figures that fans cannot stand. They make unnecessary trouble in the journey of the protagonist.

In One Piece, there are quite a few of these annoying characters that no one wants to see on-screen. Not only are they antagonistic, but also downright irritating. So let us rank the most annoying characters of the One Piece anime series. Starting from the least annoying one, we will see the ultimate winner of this hate competition. Take a look at all the characters that no one can stand.

6. Stelly

Arrogance is a trait that instantly makes a person hate anyone. Our next contender is the epitome of arrogance in that matter. Who wouldn’t hate a cunning man who only serves himself? Well, One Piece’s character Stelly has created a lot of chaos sheerly with his words in the show. He has made many groups fight while he took all the advantage. He is rude, spoilt, and downright annoying. Hence, Stelly rightfully gets a spot on this.

Most Annoying One Piece Characters

5. Arlong

Who doesn’t remember this angry pirate? The villain with a nose that shaped like a saw, has created a lot of trouble in One Piece. But what makes him especially annoying is his superiority complex. Arlong believes that he is the strongest and the wittiest pirate in the world. While in actuality, he is nothing more than a greedy evil man. We hope Arlong learns a lesson in his life soon. This brings Arlong to the list of the most annoying characters of One Piece.

Most Annoying One Piece Characters:

4. Saint Charloss

Saint Charloss is an amalgamation of all the bad traits that a villain can possibly have. He is arrogant, he has a superiority complex, and he is a hothead. But, one of the most annoying traits of this character is his running nose, which is so irritable no one wants to see him on-screen. The fact that he is a World Noble makes him even more arrogant towards the common folk.

Most Annoying One Piece Characters

3. Hody Jones

Another Fishman who has made it to the list is Hody Jones. Much like Arlong, Hody also shares the same beliefs. He also likes to think of himself as a superior pirate who is meant to rule the seas. Hody has done his fair share of rough deeds in the show. Even the common folk in the show hate him, leave alone the audience. Hence, he is well-deservedly on this list.

Most Annoying One Piece Characters

2. Akainu

The top two entries in the list of the most annoying One Piece characters are by far the most hated personalities in anime. On the second spot is the Akainu. Much like Blackbeard, Akainu is also a killing machine. The thought of killing someone is, in fact, a thrill for him. He has not shied away from murdering his own men. He is after the Straw Hat Pirates for a long time, and he creates unnecessary troubles in their way. Hence, he gets the top spot in our list of the most annoying One Piece Characters.


1. Marshall D. Teach

This is a character that we know by the name of Blackbeard. There is no asking as to why the Straw Hat Pirates or the audiences hate him. A man who doesn’t think twice before killing someone is destined to become one of the most hated characters in any show. The same is the case with Blackbeard. Besides, we have learned over time in One Piece that Blackbeard cannot be trusted.


With this, we have reached the conclusion of this list of most annoying One Piece characters. Are you satisfied with the hated contenders? Did we miss out on any of your personal ‘favorite’? If yes, let us know in the comment section. For more such listicles, keep visiting The Anime Daily.

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