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Most Useless Quirks in My Hero Academia That Must Find Better Use!

Here is our list of the Most Useless Quirks in My Hero Academia! MHA has been able to create a vivid world in a relatively short period of time. A world where eighty percent of the population has some kind of superpower called quirk is something everyone wants to be a part of. Naturally, when you have a plethora of characters competing against one another, it attracts debates. Likely, when you go on to create an entire school of powerful students, fans are bound to choose between favorites and the unlikable ones.

Over time, we have seen a large number of characters in My Hero Academia. Some have shown exceptional quirks and relative upgrades. On the other hand, there are characters whose quirks we don’t even understand. This list concerns all those characters that equip some of the least efficient powers from the show. Thus, without any further ado, here is our list of the Most Useless Quirks in My Hero Academia.

Mashirau Ojiro: Tail

In close combat or one-on-one battle, a tail might come extremely handy. But becoming a superhero with a mere additional limb is a stretch. One can only efficiently use a tail when the enemy is at a close distance in the arena. What if you are fighting someone like Bakugo, who can shoot strong fire attacks from a distance? The tail might help dodge the attack, but the long-term use of an extra limb is downright tiring.

Most Useless Quirks in My Hero Academia

Minoru Mineta: Pop Off

Yes, we had to place Minata’s quirk in this list. How is this gut part of Class 1-A? For a start, Minata is a downright pervert whose only motivation to become a hero is to impress the ladies. Secondly, what use is this quirk? Basically, he can pull out sticky balls off his head, which can make the opponent immobile. But what if one dodges all the attacks and Minata runs out of the glue? That’s when you know pop off is not a quirk worthy of superhero material.

Pop Off

Hanta Sero: Tape Elbows

Hanta Sero’s Tape Elbows is another one of the most useless quirks in My Hero Academia. Well, he sure has pulled off his character with some dignity. Despite having a quirk with major limitations, he has used it with utmost efficiency. But how useful is tape in the face of firebombs or heat waves or blasts? Besides, elbows are the most non-motor parts of the body. Only Sero knows how he has been aiming those tape blasts with his elbows. Nonetheless, the quirk is more useful in rescue work than in combats.

Most Useless Quirks in My Hero Academia

Rikido Sato: Sugar Power

There you go! We said it! Rikido Sato is not a cool superhero. How good is a superpower when you cannot access it without consuming sugar? Rikido Sato’s entire power quotient is based on the fact that he consumes sugar like how Popeye ate spinach to gain all the muscle power. Even if the raw glucose makes him the most powerful man in the room, without close combat, all that muscle power is pretty useless.

Sugar Power

Koji Koda: Animal Senses

One more quirk from Class 1-A that fans often complain about belongs to Koji Koda. Well, in theory, the man has the exceptional quality of influencing any and every animal in favor of any combat. But this quirk has many drawbacks in practice. For instance, one cannot always call in animals in a closed arena like a building or an apartment. Besides, Koji does not have any special combating skills to tackle an enemy if he doesn’t call in his fauna friends for rescue. So, this one is yet another Most Useless Quirks in My Hero Academia.

Most Useless Quirks in My Hero Academia

Tatami Nakagame: Telescopic

During the joint training arc, we see that a student of the Ketsubutsu Academy, Tatami Nakagame, has the ability that she likes to call Telescopic. By the name, anyone would believe that the quirk has something to do with sight. But no, this quirk actually enables Tatami to shrink her body into her torso. Sounds weird, right? Well, the visual representation of the quirk is even odder to watch. Besides, what is the use of a jello-like body anyway? If you find any use of this power, please let us know in the comment box below.

Most Useless Quirks in My Hero Academia

Kenji Tsuragamae: Dog

Remember the Chief of the Police force from the first season of MHA? Yes, that’s Kenji Tsuragamae for us. The only ability that this officer has is the dog-like face and body. For a start, how does a nearly powerless man become the Chief of the entire police force of Japan? Next, how does one use this quirk? It still confuses many fans as to how Kenji jumped up this high in the authorities. There might be a hidden quality or character trait that is yet to uncover in the coming episodes.


With this, we have come to the conclusion of this list of the Most Useless Quirks in My Hero Academia. Tell us in the comment box below which quirk from My Hero Academia do you find least efficient. For more such exciting listicles from the vivid world of anime, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.