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My Dress-Darling Episode 2: ‘Hurry Up!’ Release Date & Plot

Of all the 2022 releases, My Dress-Darling is the most awaited of them all. Amid the popular shonen releases and action-thrillers, Sono Bisque Doll is a breath of fresh air. The story of two flawed characters sharing a symbiotic relationship is the best setup for a hit romantic comedy. The first episode introduced a socially awkward Hina Doll maker named Gojo. But his weary life is about to change after he befriends the popular girl of the school. Before watching My Dress-Darling Episode 2, here is all you need to know about it.

The second episode will take the story back to school. Kitagawa is the popular girl of the school. Thus, she might not want to admit that she is friends with Gojo Wakana. Either, she might be able to get him the attention that he has been craving all these years. Now, which path the story decides to take, only the second episode will tell.

My Dress-Darling Episode 2

My Dress-Darling Episode 2: Plot Details

The last episode of Sono Bisque Doll closed with Gojo and Kitagawa coming to an agreement about working together. The title of the second episode is “Wanna Hurry Up, and Do It?” Kitagawa is a girl who dearly loves cosplaying. On the other hand, Gojo is an expert at preparing dresses. Thus, this is the best symbiotic formulae for a hit season. As Kitagawa comes up with new characters, Gojo also has an engaging job to do.

Along with this, he can also try to perfect his skill at drawing the faces of these dolls. My Dress-Darling Episode 2 will begin with Kitagawa working together to complete the dress of the character of Shizuku Kuroe-tan. Later on, Kitagawa might also ask for a favor to click some pictures of her.

My Dress-Darling Episode 2

Previous Episode Recap!

The first episode of Sono Bisque Doll opens with the introduction of the protagonist, Gojo Wakana. Gojo works as a full-time Hina Dollmaker. However, as he has been doing the same work for years now, he has grown weary of the job. The only problem that he faces with his art is that he cannot draw the faces of these dolls with perfection. One day in the class, he has a small interaction with the popular girl of his class, Kitagawa. However, things didn’t turn out well as he could not utter more than two words at a time.

Later, when Gojo was sewing clothes for one of his dolls, he heard someone climbing up his room. It was none other than Kitagawa. She said that she had noticed ink stains on his shirt, which made her curious. And so, she showed him the dress that she had prepared to cosplay her favorite anime character. Gojo being an expert in this field, pointed out many errors in the design of the dress. Towards the end of the episode, Gojo decided to help her out in preparing the dress.

My Dress-Darling Episode 2

My Dress-Darling Episode 2: Release Date

After receiving an exploding response over the pilot episode, Sono Bisque Doll has more fans to please this week. My Dress-Darling Episode 2 will be coming out this Saturday on January 15, 2022. All episodes of the new series will be airing on Netflix. The time of the release may vary from region to region. Thus, stay in touch with this space for more updates.

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