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My Hero Academia Chapter 329: Shigaraki Attacks The US Hero! Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 329 is underway, and fans continue to speculate the fate of the hero world. The manga continues to amuse fans each week with the introduction of newer twists and turns. Last week, the events of the Tartarus prison were uncovered by hero killer Stain. He joined hands with the authorities and handed over all the information he collected while escaping the prison. So, can the heroes work their way up with this information? Here is all you need to know.

In the upcoming chapter, Tomura Shigaraki will attack the new US hero who has come to help the Japanese heroes. Stars & Stripes is known to be the strongest woman in the world. Thus, All For One plans to steal her quirk. This way, he would become invulnerable to any damage or defense. It will be interesting to see how things will unfold when the two faces one another.

My Hero Academia Chapter 329

My Hero Academia Chapter 329: Plot Details

The title of the upcoming chapter of MHA is “The West arrives at the last second!” The official plot details of the chapter suggest that the outing will open with All For One addressing all his Nomus in one room. The villain said that the Tartarus escape was the first step of their goal; the next would be killing One For All. And the last plan is bigger than both of them. Spinner is confused and asks about this plan. All For One explained that Star & Stripes is the strongest woman in the world. So their goal is to steal her quirk, and half their mission would be complete.

On the other hand, Hawks and Best Jeanist worked on preparing to welcome to Stars & Stripes. Suddenly they are contacted by detective Tsukauchi who tells them that Stars & Stripes is about to reach her destination. But fifty kilometers from the HQ, she was attacked by Shigaraki. My Hero Academia Chapter 329 will end with Shigaraki and the US’ no. 1 heroine facing one another.

My Hero Academia Chapter 329

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 328th chapter of MHA, Stain explained the events at the Tartarus Prison. He revealed that at the time when All For One came to the rescue of his followers, he escaped to the control room and stole the files containing the security details of the prison. In the present, Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi had decoded the files for All Might. The Detective revealed that the cause of the system shut down was the connection created by Tomura and All For One that hindered the Radio Waves.

Naomasa also explained that the decoded messages of the Radio waves revealed All For One, saying, “Make him complete in 38 days.” All Might could not digest the fact that Tomura had skipped all the necessary procedures and completed regeneration within three days. Later, All Might is called up by the UN on immediate notice. He is contacted by world heroes, including Big Red Dot and Salaam, to offer help in times of turmoil. US’ no. 1 hero Star & Stripe announced that he would come to Japan to deal with the situation firsthand.

My Hero Academia Chapter 329

My Hero Academia Chapter 329: Release Date

The latest chapter of MHA is all set to hit the stage with epic action. The newly generated Shigaraki will face the number one hero of the US. Who will win the final bowl? My Hero Academia Chapter 329 will release on Saturday, October 9, 2021. Viz Media releases all the chapters of the manga on its platform. Stay tuned for more.