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My Hero Academia Chapter 340 On Break: The Final War! Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 340 is lined up for a release this week. With the revelation of the UA High traitor, tense moments have arisen for the students. While the other heroes are not in support of trusting Aoyama again, Deku seems eager to give him another chance. The last chapter hints at a major battle that is on the verge of commencement. At the same time, the other heroes prepare for the same. So, what can be expected from the latest outing? Here is everything to know about the next chapter.

The next chapter is likely to highlight the backup plan constructed by Aizawa. Fans can expect a new battle in the process to unleash, while the other heroes prepare for it. Deku is also working on his quirk to enhance fully. Plus, the future of Aoyama is also hanging. In addition, the upcoming chapter might focus on more help from the support team.

My Hero Academia Chapter 340

My Hero Academia Chapter 340: Plot Details!

The next chapter of My Hero Academia suggests that the manga is entering the final part of the last act. It will resume Deku and others modifying their suits and gears with the help of Mei Hatsume. All the heroes are prepared to clap back at the enemy and avenge the deaths and losses. As the series is walking very close to an end, this fight and the preparations will hold a huge part for the future of the series.

While Aoyama is constrained from the outer world, UA High students move out, with Midoriya taking the lead. Plus, the backup plan, which might be the one Aizawa discussed in MHA Chapter 338, is also complete to launch. In addition, the second and third holders of Deku’s quirk might also make an appearance. Lastly, a flashy encounter between Dabi, Shouto, and Endeavor is yet to take place.

My Hero Academia Chapter 340

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 339th chapter of My Hero Academia began with Tenya and Midoryi visiting Mei Hatsume for a fix for their gears and suits. However, she straightforwardly denies the help. This surprises Tenya since Mei loves fixing and making new inventions. What further worries the duo is Mei, who seems unaware of what is happening in the outside world. To which, she confirms that she knows what is going on and tackles it in her own way. She states that it is their inventions through which the support course endeavors heroics.

She then hands both the heroes a newly made gear and suit. Later, the student’s debate over will Aoyama accept their offer and join hands with them. Shouto confirms that Aoyama was always sure of himself, and he certainly will help them in the task. The chapter reaches its final panel when Fat Gum, Nijire, Suneater, and Ryuku have a won fight in the Kansai region. Fat Gum states that the heroes are ready to attack from the front and proceed for an all-out war. Plus, All Might tells Hawks about a Plan B and discusses further the “other battle.”

My Hero Academia Chapter 340

My Hero Academia Chapter 340: Release Date

As the chapter suggests, an intense battle between the heroes against the League of Villains and the Liberation Army. Plus, a showdown between Endeavour and his first son, Dabi, is also in the stock. As things keep heating up, Midoriya is yet to use all of his quirks. So, My Hero Academia Chapter 340 is scheduled to release on January 16, 2022, due to the New Year’s break. All chapters are available on Viz Media and Shonen. Thus, to know more about the ongoing series, stay tuned.

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