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New Game! Manga Coming To An End! Volume 13 Release Date Out!

It is a piece of sad news for all the fans of New Game! Manga. Recent updates from the makers suggest that the 2013 comedy manga is coming to an end after eight years of successful runtime. Houbunsha’s Manga Times Kirara magazine also solidifies the news by giving away the solid release dates. The New Game! Manga first came out in January 2013 as a unique comedy concept. After the success of the manga, Doga Kobo Studio joined in to adapt the story as an anime.

From 2016 to 2017, both seasons were massively popular amongst the fans. Later, a game of the similar concept was also part of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. Now, after eight years after the dominance of the franchise, the manga is ready to take a leave. So, when is the last chapter by Shotaro Tokuno coming out? Here is all that you need to know!

Manga Ending In Two Months!

The news of the end of the popular comedy manga comes from the official Twitter handle of Houbunsha’s Manga Times Kirara magazine. The tweet suggests that the final arc of the New Game! Manga is finally coming to an end. The news also gives away the release dates of the final chapter and the last volume of the manga. Furthermore, the final chapter will include the end of the storyline between Aoba Suzukaze and his senior in the company.

The end does not hit that hard to fans because it was being foreshadowed for a long time. It was also known for a long time that the manga is in the final arc of the story. Thus, the end comes more like a piece of happy news for many. Skim through the following subheads to learn about the release dates of the final chapter and volume of the manga.

New Game! Manga Final Volume Release Date

According to the official news by Houbunsha’s Manga Times Kirara magazine, the New Game! Manga will soon publish its 13th volume in Japan. The volume will be out for sale on September 27, 2021. This date will officially mark the end of an era for New Game. Moreover, the ongoing copy of the manga will publish the last chapter in the Time Kirara Charat on August 27, 2021. So, mark these dates on your calendar before any of the edition gets out of stock.

What are your thoughts about the end of the New Game! Manga? How do you think will Shotaro Tokuno end his comedic story? Please share your theories about the end with us in the comment box below. For more latest news updates on the same, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.