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One Piece And Boruto Open With New Themes This Weekend!

One Piece and Boruto anime have finally confirmed their new opening and ending themes for the shows. The speculations and interviews started long back in last year. However, this leaves no room for more questions. Both the shows are fan-favorites, and the news has taken the internet by storm. Now, this is an amazing way to start the year for the anime. Fans of One Piece fans were already expecting a new theme, while Boruto also teased a renewal. Now, the new theme hints at major details of the upcoming battles and plot. So, here is everything fans need to know about the latest outing.

Both the anime shows have reached a certain point where fans were expecting a change in the themes. Plus, One Piece finally reached the milestone of 1000 episodes last year. So, as the plot advances, the themes are likely to change. A bit different from the case of Boruto, it has reached an end of the Otsutsuki Awakening arc and made a few sneaky changes in its opening theme sequence. In a recent interview with the composer of Naruto, the artist spoke about maturing the Naruto compositions.

One Piece and Boruto

One Piece And Boruto Set To Comeback With New Openings!

The official Twitter account of One Piece brought exciting news for the fans. In addition, major details came along with it. The new opening is titled “PAINT,” and it will be performed by a rock group, “I Dont Like Mondays.” However, not much is known about which episode will feature the track. It is also notable that this marks the 24th opening theme being featured in the anime. The new theme will be featured in the series from January 9 this year.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations had already made a few changes in the opening theme, which fans did not fail to notice. The series is finished with the Otsutsuki Awakening arc of the Kawaki Saga and will begin a chapter soon. The new opening theme is a composition that will receive a performance by the rock band FLOW. However, this is not all, and there has been a change in the ending soundtrack too. The ending theme will be the work of Anly. No titles have been finalized yet for intros and outros.

One Piece and Boruto

What Arcs Will The Themes Take On?

“PAINT” will be a follow-up of the track, “Dreamin On.” The latter was played during the second phase of the Wano Country arc and stayed for a total of 60 episodes. So, it is a bit evident that the new addition will continue this arc. Also, as the series reaches the battle on Onigashima, a new track will also freshen things up. The makers are great at keeping the fans hooked, as previously, this arc also featured a remake of the first opening theme.

Boruto has taken a quite new turn in the series of events of the plot. The new episodes might have a fresh new story from the anime. The news first broke out in the Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. The magazine states the artists behind the new tracks. Plus, the opening themes have gone through various changes during its last arc, so fans are not yet sure how long the new one will stay.

One Piece and Boruto

In addition, no information about which story arc will take it up has also been out. As the manga is yet to get to the Code-focused arc, the anime might also not launch anytime soon. Till then, fans can enjoy the tracks, which will release on January 9, 2022. While both the anime have completed decades in the industry, even the smallest details still make up huge news stories. Now, One Piece kicks off this year with a new track, Boruto’s episodes might take a little longer. So, fans might have to wait for its premiere. Hence, for more updates, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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