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One Piece Chapter 1012: New Release Date! All Against The Beast Pirate!

One Piece Chapter 1012 is arriving soon, and fans cannot wait anymore. After a long hiatus, the manga is finally back with an all-new edition. Every week fans were hearing that the new chapter is postponed yet again. But this time, it’s official, the upcoming chapter will finally hit the market next week. The world’s longest-running manga is returning with some new arcs and shocking revelations that the fans will love as usual.


The latest chapter of One Piece is titled Anko no Jingi. The meaning of this title is The Moral Code of Red Bean Paste. However, the title does not suggest a lot about what is going to happen next. What we know until now is that Big Mom was going off somewhere. The catch here is that she was flying. Captain Kid and Killer saw her in the air, and they were as shocked as the readers. A new character called Hera is also making a debut this week. So let us see what all will happen in the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1012: Upcoming Plot Details!

The newest chapter will kick off with the Nine Scabbards moving together. Kiku reveals that she wishes to fight Kanjuuroo even after losing an arm. It’s Izou who expresses his concern for Kiku. In the next series of events, Nekomamush will finally tell Shishilian about the death of Pedro. How Nekomamush will react to this will be interesting to see. Nekomamush will also learn that Pedro’s killer is also on the island. Later, Momonosuke will be seen telling everyone that there are two different voices on their roof. Here, Sanji is taking an injured Zoro while Izou and Kawamatsu join him.

The chapter will also follow the story of Big Mom after she takes down Page One. Here, Ulti is seen planning an attack on Lady Yonko. However, it looks like she won’t be able to do any damage to the Lady. So, she will move on to Tama, who is the weaker one, which enrages Big Mom. But what will be surprising is that Nami will take down Ulti in order to teach her a lesson. As for Luffy and Kaido, it looks like they will not be featuring in this chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1012

One Piece Chapter 1011: Recap!

Chapter 1011 was a turning point in One Piece. The installment starts with Kido and Luffy having a conversation. Kido tells him that he doesn’t fight because he is a warrior but just for fun. On the other side, we see that Law is trying to master his power of teleporting from one place to another with the help of Zoro and Zeus. Besides, Luffy is here staying back fighting Kaido. It turns out that Big Mom was flying off to the castle to attack it. Hence, Captain Kid and Killer reach there to stop her. As they both get to the castle, they are first attacked by Hawkins. Killer stays back to fight him while Captain Kid goes out to look for Big Mom.

One Piece Chapter 1012

One Piece Chapter 1012: Release Date

Chapter 1012 was postponed last time. But now, the release date is slated for Sunday, 9 May 2021. Originally, the chapter was supposed to come out a week earlier than this. One Piece manga series is available with new chapters each Sunday, but this was one of the usual breaks for this manga. You can read all the new chapters on Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and MangaPlus apps and websites for free.


Are you excited for One Piece Chapter 1012? What do you think will happen now that the Beast Pirate is finally here? For more updates on your favorite anime series, keep an eye on this corner.