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One Piece Chapter 1019: What Are Heliceratops? Release Date & More

The title of One Piece Chapter 1019 is “Heliceratops.” Since the title and the plot details are out with the public, people cannot stop tweeting about what Heliceratops would be. While, in text, they do know what this power means, but fans do not have a visual reference just yet. So, the title points towards the hybrid fusion form of Franky and Sasaki that they will acquire in the next chapter to destroy the armory.

But we are not revealing all the details just yet. There is a lot that is coming in the next chapter. Yamato, Sanji, Queen, and Kaido, are all returning. Every string that was left untied will get the due in this one. From latest plot details to a recap, we have it all covered for you. So, without any further ado, here is all you need to know.

One Piece Chapter 1019

One Piece Chapter 1019: Plot Details

For the many past chapters, fans have been waiting to get back to the fight between Sanji and Queen. However, the current chapters were more focused on other arcs that are taking place in The Land of Wano. This time in the latest One Piece chapter, get ready to see Sanji in action once again. Fans will get to see that Queen is struggling to keep up in front of the pirate. In a different location, Luffy is finally gaining consciousness. He asks for meat as soon as he opens his eyes.

On the Live Floor, a gruesome battle between Sasaki and Franky along with the Gifter Armoured Division. Now, fans are about to see the fusion of the two, which will be called the Triceratops. What comes as a shock is the skill of Heliceratops that enables them to fly. With this, the two are able to destroy the Armoured Division to ash. At the end of the One Piece Chapter 1019, we will see Yamato and Kaido fight, which will ultimately lead to the first-ever transformation of Yamato.

One Piece Chapter 1019

Previous Chapter Recap!

The last chapter of One Piece starts on an optimistic note as many pirate troops are switching sides with Luffy. But the rising star of the chapter was Jinbe, who does his best to take down Who’s Who after an intense battle. The Gifter’s also side with Luffy and the Heart Pirates after realizing that Kiado may not win this one. Lastly, the Heart Pirates are still trying to find medicine to bring back Liffy’s strengths. Let’s see what happens when Kaido finally joins the fight himself in the upcoming chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1019
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One Piece Chapter 1019: Release Date

After a week-long hiatus, the newest chapter of One Piece is finally around the corner. Thankfully, this week is not a break period for the readers. One Piece Chapter 1019 is all set to release on July 18, 2021. Since the plot details are also out today, you know what to expect from the next one! As usual, the chapter will hit Viz Media and other MangaPlus platforms. So, do check out the latest chapter as soon as it is out.


How excited are you to read One Piece Chapter 1019? What are your thoughts about the battle between Sasaki and Franky? Who do you think will win this one? Please share your personal theories with us in the comment box below. For more exciting news flashes on popular mangas, The Anime Daily is your place.