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One Piece Chapter 1025 Delayed! New Plot Details & Release Date

Just when fans thought that they were about the witness one of the most epic battles of the Onigashima War, a piece of sad news came their way. Earlier this week, the Weekly Shonen Jump announced that the new chapter of One Piece manga would not arrive this week. The probable reason is deemed to be the restructuring of the current arc. The readers are looking forward to more news on the matter. Until then, the makers have released the official plot details of One Piece Chapter 1025. So, what will be the fate of this war? Here is everything you need to know.

In the upcoming chapter of One Piece, fans will see one of the most anticipated battles of the Onigashima War. Momonosuke and Kaido will collide for the first time. Many past grudges are bound to come up in the fight. Firstly, Momo will surely avenge the murder of his father, Oden. Later on, he would spare Kaido for Luffy, which will ultimately translate into the conclusion of the Wano Kuni Arc.

One Piece Chapter 1025

One Piece Chapter 1025: Plot Details

The upcoming chapter of One Piece is titled “Image of the Double Dragon.” According to the official plot details, the new chapter will begin with Luffy and Momonosuke’s journey to Onigashima. Momo has arrived at the sea by swimming. But in order to reach the castle, he must use his flight powers. Initially, Momo would be reluctant to fly like a dragon. However, Luffy would motivate him to fly and get them to the top of the tower.

Momonosuke would agree to fly, but under the condition that he would keep his eyes closed. This will eventually result in Momo hitting the castle and injuring his head. In One Piece Chapter 1025, fans can expect to see the gruesome battle between Yamato and Kaido. Yamato would use her Snakeman Gear 4 attack on her father. The chapter will end with Momonosuke interrupting the battle and challenging Kaido to fight his dragon form. Hence, some epic action will commence in One Piece when the two dragons collide for the first time.

One Piece Chapter 1025

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 1024th chapter of One Piece, Luffy and Momonosuke rushed towards Onigashima. They learned that Kaido was planning to eradicate the Flower Captial. Thus, they only had fifteen minutes to gather all the gear and leave for the castle. On the other hand, the Skull Dome of the castle caught fire, and panic began to spread in the city. Kaido’s minions could not contain the fire. So they rushed to the Live Floor to get shelter.

Later on, Nami informed Luffy about the fire, and he assured her that he would fix everything. On the other hand, Yamato and Kaido continued with their long-stretched fight. After escaping the prison with the help of the samurais, Kaido’s son immediately went to his father to challenge him for a battle. Thus, it will be exciting to watch the two collide after years of growing enmity.

One Piece Chapter 1025

One Piece Chapter 1025: Release Date

After the announcement of the hiatus, fans of the manga are desperately waiting to see the new chapter. For now, the makers have not clarified if the hiatus will only last a week or not. But if the case was otherwise, the announcement would have come by. Thus, fans can expect One Piece Chapter 1025 to release next weekend on Sunday, September 19, 2021. The chapter will release on Viz Media and other MangaPlus platforms.