One Piece Chapter 989: Delayed? When Will It Release?

The most anticipated battle between Straw Hat Pirated and the Beast Pirates has finally begun in the Wano Arc. And this battle will continue to heat up in One Piece Chapter 989. However, the fans have to wait a little longer than usual to read the upcoming chapter. Omnitos officially confirmed that the upcoming chapter of the most famous manga would not be releasing this week. He informed all the readers of the manga by releasing a statement. It reads, “Yes, One Piece 989 got delayed due to amid outbreak of COVID 19 Novel Coronavirus pandemic all over the world due to the protection of its manga staff.”

The manga first debuted in 1997, and since then, it’s been released with a gap of one week. However, now these gaps are becoming more and more frequent because of the global pandemic. The fans really didn’t like it because the legendary manga of One Piece is in its final phase and currently featuring the most anticipated arc of all time. And the fans are eagerly waiting to see One Piece Chapter 989.

Since there are still some days, remain before the release of the next chapter. Hence the fans started making theories about what will happen in it. In the new chapter, the readers will certainly see more of Sulongs. Jack destroyed their homeland, and its time for them to take revenge. Now they will show the power of their absolute quantity. It was also hinted that Big Mom Pirates captain and Emperor Charlotte Linlin might experience amnesia once again.

One Piece Chapter 989: Release Date

After the events of the previous, the next chapter will surely be going to intense. One Piece Chapter 989 will release on Sunday, September 6, 2020. It will release on various time slots in different countries. And after the release of the next chapter it will continue to come out on weekly basis.

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