One Piece: New Opening Giving Manga Leaks! End Is Finally Close: Shonen Jump Teases The Final Manga Arc!

One Piece now has its twenty-third opening theme. The fans are fascinated after watching the new theme song because it is full of spoilers from the manga. The title of the new opening song is “Dreamin’ On” by the Japanese band, DaiCe. According to a report, it teases and reveals a lot of climactic discoveries from the anime’s half of the second act and the forthcoming third act as well.

It focuses on past events, which will be going to be a flashback sequence in the land of Wano arc. The fans will finally see the younger versions of some of their favorite characters. The thing which caught the most attention is the reunion of Zoro and Sanji. The fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time, and the new opening fo One Piece is finally teasing it. Last time, the fans saw both of them in action together in the Whole Cake Island Arc.

Since One Piece is currently the longest-running anime and manga series of all time; therefore, its fans are not ready for it to end. The anime has been around for more than two decades, and it seems like the time is finally near when it will come to an end for good. Whether the fans like it or not, its end is almost inevitable after the journey of more than 23 years.

Currently, the anime series is at Episode 935, while the manga is at Chapter 987. It is fastly moving towards its 1000th Chapter. Oda has spent most of his life in drawing Straw Hat’s crew journey. But every good thing comes to an end eventually.

Shonen Jump magazine in Japan reported that “One Piece manga is moving towards its final upcoming arc.” After the completion of the Wano Arc, the fans will be seeing the final arc of the series. And in that arc, it is possible they might witness Straw Hat going against all the remaining Emperors of the Sea.

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