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One Punch Man Chapter 151: King Vs. Black Sperm! Release Date & Plot

The latest chapter of One Punch Man is finally out. Fans of the text are both excited and underwhelmed by the release. This is because the phase of uncertainty has begun again. There is no telling as to when One Punch Man Chapter 151 will release now. In the previous outing, fans finally got their first glimpse of King. Now, the man is expected to join the action once again. So, can King defeat Black Sperm? What will be the fate of Bang and Bomb? Here is all you need to know.

The arrival of the King is one of the most hyped moments of the manga. The story was building up for this moment for a long time. Even though the popular stance is that the chapter was under-delivered, it was still a much-deserved cameo. In the next chapter, King and Black Sperm will collide head-on. It will be exciting to see how the plot unrolls from here.

One Punch Man Chapter 151
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One Punch Man Chapter 151: Plot Details

In the upcoming chapter of One Punch Man, fans can expect to see an intense battle against Black Sperm. While Genos and Tatsumaki were still in trouble, it was the arrival of the King that rang the bells of help. Now, the next chapter is set to showcase the King in action. Before the arrival of the King, Tatsumaki was trying to reach out to Lord Boros. He almost sent the call for help. Thus, fans are also expecting the arrival of Evil Natural Water in the battle arena.

In One Punch Man Chapter 151, King will come face to face with Black Sperm. The chances of a battle are very high. Even though King has no plans on stretching a muscle, it Black Sperm who wants to destroy everything. The Homeless Emporer is also expected to join the battle. Some fan theories are also betting on the arrival of Flashy Flash. It will be interesting to see how things unfold from this point.

One Punch Man Chapter 151

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 150th chapter of One Punch Man, the battle between Garou and Bang continued. In the very beginning, Garou used the Explosion Release Fist upon them. Both Bomb and Bang were astounded to see that move. Thus, Bomb asked Bang how Garou managed to master the technique. Bang explained that Garou broke into the seal the had all the secret files of this technique. The technique reminded Bang of his early fighting days. He recalled the time when he used to be the ruffian and a thug.

Bomb saw that Bang was becoming an arrogant lad. Thus, he tried to stop his brother. The fight lasted for many days, and Bomb eventually lost to his brother. The defeat only humbled the younger brother, and he became much like his elder sibling. Cut to the present, Bomb comes to the conclusion that this fight would not serve them a favor. Thus, he expressed his will to become Garou’s master again.

The chapter then cuts back to the battle between Genos, Tatsumaki, and the Black Sperm. Tatsumaki asked Genos to run away and save himself. But instead, he decided to stay back and help the former. The chapter ended with Black Sperm hearing the sound of the King Engine coming from King himself.

One Punch Man Chapter 151
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One Punch Man Chapter 151: Release Date

The One Punch Man manga is infamous for its irregular release schedule. The 150th edition is landing on the screens almost after seventy days. The manga has also skipped release dates in the past. So, One Punch Man Chapter 151 does not have a solid release date for now. Usually, the makers announce the definite release date a few days in advance. We will be sure to update you with the same in due time. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily for more updates.

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