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Overgeard Chapter 110: Training With Piaro! Release Date & Plot Details

Fans online are brewing all sorts of fan theories about Braham’s real intentions behind joining hands with Greed. In the last outing, after fighting with Greed, he withdrew from the match all of a sudden. He claimed that Greed’s sword was not equipped to kill an opponent. Instead, the sword showed consideration towards anyone who was fighting against it. And so, he decided that he was going to mentor Greed in perfecting his techniques in the future. Before you jump into the next outing, here is all you need to know about Overgeard Chapter 110.

In the next edition, Greed and Piaro might get back to Baren to start their first training session. This will include the most important part of the training, which is the polishing of techniques. Greed is a fighter who relies too much on gear and powers. Thus, players manage to beat him in pace and agility. This is the first thing that he is going to learn in the matches ahead.

Overgeard Chapter 110

Overgeard Chapter 110: Plot Details!

The next chapter of Overgeared is going to be an interesting edition. Greed has understood that he has a long way to go. All the confidence that he garnered from the Satisfy International Competition went down the drain in the last outing. When he fought against Piaro, he understood that gear and power were not enough to win a match. A fighter must also have the right technique in order to reach the same heights as Pagma.

Now, Overgeard Chapter 110 is going to start the training session between Greed and Piaro. The latter has offered in goodwill that he was going to teach Greed the best of these techniques. Later on, the chapter will also delve into the brewing proximity between Braham and Mumud.

Overgeard Chapter 110

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 109th chapter of Overgeared started with the most awaited clash between Greed and Piaro. An explanation panel gave away all the rankings of the Peerless Swordsman. Being an SS rank fighter, he was way ahead of Aura Master in terms of skill and gear. As the two of them clashed, Greed was confident that he would finish the fight soon enough. But for Piaro, the fight only meant for him to analyze his chances if he was to ever fight Pagma himself.

Soon enough, Greed realized that he was struggling to get his hold in the match. Even as Greed commenced the Pagma’s Sword Dance attack, Piaro blocked all of the twenty-one moves with only a minimum movement. However, the Pagma’s Sword Dance restraint did work on Piaro and led him to freeze for three seconds. In these moments, Greed was able to get back his winning streak. In an abrupt moment, Piaro withdrew from the match and accepted his defeat.

He revealed that Greed’s sword was filled with consideration for the opponent. Towards the end of the chapter, Piaro decides to join hands with Greed and teach him to combine his gear with the right technique.

Overgeard Chapter 110

Overgeard Chapter 110: Release Date

Post the Great Swordsman chapter, it is likely that Greed will consider all the lessons that he has learned from his last fight. So, Overgeard Chapter 110 is set to come out this Wednesday on January 12, 2022. All chapters of this popular manhwa will be available on the official platforms of Kakaopage and Webtoon. Reschedules have become a staple for Overgeared. Thus, in case the release date is changed, we will be sure to update this section. Thus, keep an eye on this corner to get more information on the same.

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