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Record Of Grancrest War Review [Spoiler Free] | The Anime Daily

Back in 2018, Record Of Grancrest War created quite a stir in the anime industry. Having been written by popular author and game designer Ryo Mizuno, expectations from the anime were already high. As a result, fans of his previous work (including Record Of Lodoss War & Rune Soldier) ended up getting disappointed. Yet, many new viewers largely enjoyed the war series. Hence, if you’re confused about whether or not to watch it, here’s a Spoiler-Free Record Of Grancrest Review, guiding you towards its good and bad aspects.


Record Of Grancrest War originated as a light novel series (and tabletop RPG) written by Ryo Mizuno and illustrated by Miyū. Like most of Mizuno’s other works, the LN series became equally popular amongst otakus. Hence, due to its overwhelming popularity, Studio A-1 Pictures picked it up for an anime adaptation. The 24-episode TV series aired in Japan from January to June 2018. The action anime opened up to mixed reviews from the audience and critics alike.

The series begins with demons from another dimension called Chaos reign the world. Lords with the power of Crests are the only ones that can stop Chaos, yet they choose to fight each other for Crests and lands. The story centers around a young mage Siluca Meletes, who despises the feuding lords, and a wandering knight Theo Cornaro, who seeks to save his hometown. As they join forces, their journey begins towards war and Chaos free world.

Reasons To Watch Record Of Grancrest War

A-1 Pictures’ ambitious project is by and large a good action-fantasy series, as it promises. It has a decent premise as a fictional political drama and keeps its viewers entertained until the very end. With a strong male character, the anime remains quite enjoyable and fairly well put together. Besides, the storyline is simple, and the overarching story is not complex, making it a good JRPG inspired action-adventure series.


The animation quality was mostly average, yet there were some well-animated fight sequences. A-1 Pictures used various art styles and animation techniques that made Grancrest War more experimental than its usual style. However, the sound and music of the anime deserve appreciation. Hence, if you’re looking for a simple combat-oriented action series, then Record Of Grancest War will be a good choice.

Reasons To Skip It

Well, Record Of Grancrest War is an average watch, which can be a fair enough reason to watch it and also to skip it. Even though it’s entertaining, the story of the anime is very predictable and cliched. Being a generic run of mill Senki content, the series will only be interesting if you like the genre. The setting is similar to any other typical action-fantasy series, where the hero sets off to bring peace to his land and fights the enemies.


In fact, several fans pointed out that the basic plotline of the anime mirrors Record Of Lodoss War. Yet, Grancrest Senki is still a less-entertaining version of the popular franchise. Overall, Record Of Grancrest Wars does not offer anything new and worth devoting time for 24 episodes. However, if that’s your cup of tea, go for it.