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Seven Mortal Sins Review [Spoiler-Free] | The Anime Daily

No, Seven Mortal Sins is not related to A-1 Pictures’ 2014 anime, Seven Deadly Sins! In fact, this ecchi anime series is far away from the standards of the popular franchise. Suiting its genre, the 2017 show is full of lewd outfits and erotic scenes. Well, a major part of its audience watched the series as a hentai anime (with a plot). Hence, if you’re wondering whether to watch it, here’s a Spoiler-Free Seven Mortal Sins Review for your help.

Seven Mortal Sins or Sin: The 7 Deadly Sins an adaptation of Hobby Japan’s media franchise The 7 Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai). Produced by Studio Artland and TNK, the 12-episode anime ran between April and July 2017. Due to its name, this anime is often related to 2014’s successful anime Seven Deadly Sins. However, these two shows (franchises) have nothing to do with each other. While A-1 Pictures’ project is a high-quality adventure and fantasy anime, the other is a low-quality ecchi yuri anime.

When Lucifer, one of God’s archangels, is cast out from heaven, it gets hard for Hell. During a short stopover on Earth, Lucifer infuses her angel’s blood with a human girl named Maria, at her high school’s church. As she falls into the depths of Hell, she becomes the target of the aspiring Demon Lord of Envy, Leviathan. After a gruesome battle against the sins, Lucifer’s angelic powers are sealed, and her wings are cut off. She manages to return to Earth and takes Maria as her follower to help her get revenge against the sins.

Is ‘Seven Mortal Sins’ Worth The Watch?

Artland and TNK’s ambitious project scored a low number on almost all rating platforms. Critic reviews were harsh, whereas the audience had mixed opinions about the show. Yet, the anime has a massive following even after years of its release. So, is Seven Mortal Sins worth watching?

Reason(s) To Watch

Well, the only positive trait of this 2017 anime is that it’s a treat for ecchi and/or yuri fans. It is mainly targeted toward the followers of this genre and serves them well until the very end. Some argue that the series can actually be pursued as softcore porn. Seven Mortal Sins is full of sexual elements from extreme nudity, ridiculously oversized breasts, several erotic scenes, animated SM, and strong sexual assault.

While many people are fond of ecchi anime, Seven Mortal Sins adds fantasy and thrill to the genre. Hence, keeping aside its faults, the anime will be a good watch for fans looking for a hot and sexual show.

Reasons To SKIP ‘Seven Mortal Sins’

Aside from its ecchi features, the story of the anime does not deserve a watch. While the series starts fine, its sexual content and over-the-top presentation get in the way of the plot. The characters have no personalities and do not contribute to the story. Aside from the extravagant breasts and sexual features of the main characters, the anime’s art and animation are average. Overall, there are better ecchi anime available to watch in the market. Hence, it’s better to skip the series if you’re watching it for the plot.

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