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Shaman King Episode 22: Hao To Enter The Battle! Release Date & Plot

The Shaman King anime series is halfway through its running course. The series has come a long way from where it started. Yoh and Hao are not the naive soldiers that they once used to be. Besides, after the previous episode, the perception of Jeanne as the weak player has also changed drastically. Now, in Shaman King Episode 22, the third round of the championship will begin. Hao is most likely to enter the battlefield this time. Will Jeanne reach the final round? Here is all you need to know about the new episode.

In the upcoming episode of Shaman King, Yoh will probably try to arrange a power boost for himself. After witnessing the horrendous match of Jeanne, he has learned that his powers might not withstand the level of this competition. Thus, he will find a way to boost his powers. Later on, Hao might come face to face with the Iron Maiden to challenge in the upcoming matches.

Shaman King Episode 22

Shaman King Episode 22: Plot Details & Preview

The title of the next episode of Shaman King is “I Will Go Anywhere With You.” The preview of the new episode suggests that Yoh’s new power will be on display in the next outing. After witnessing the sheer wrath of the Iron Maiden, the Shamans know who is going to be in the final round of the competition. Thus, Hao has already decided that he will be the one who will bring down the Iron Maiden. In the next outing, the third round of the tournament will commence.

The Funbari Team and the Iceman Team will collide in the first match. Moreover, fans can expect to see Hao in action after almost five episodes. The Shaman will fight in the competition for the first time. Later on, Yoh will formulate a strategy to get a power-up for his upcoming matches. Thus, Shaman King Episode 22 has much action and collisions for the fans.

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 21st episode of Shaman King, fans saw that Lyserg had switched sides with the X-Laws to stay in the game. The betrayal came out when he entered the games along with Marco and the other X-Laws. The match was fixed between the Egyptian Shamans and the X-Laws. Jeanne asked Lyserg to kill all three players by herself, which would also establish her loyalty to the new team. But Lyserg could not attack his former teammates. Jeanne got extremely disappointed in Lyserg and decided to enter the playing ground herself.

Due to her anger, her Iron Maiden was unleashed in front of an entire audience. What followed was a brutal murder of the opponents that lead the team to the next round. However, the Iron Maiden shocked even her own teammates. Later on, Yoh decided that he must stop Jeanne before she becomes the next Shaman King.

Shaman King Episode 22

Shaman King Episode 22: Release Date

The third round of the Shaman Tournament is about to begin, and the champions have no will to lose the games at any cost. Will Hao make it to the final round? Shaman King Episode 22 will release this Thursday, September 9, 2021. The anime releases a new episode every week only on Netflix. The episodes are available both in English and Japanese dubs.

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