Shaman King Manga’s New Anime Series is Debuting Next Year

Hey, 90’s kids. We hope you all are in the best state of your health and doing great in your lives. In this era of chaos and difficulties, you must be wishing to relive your childhood.

So, be ready guys to experience that soothing era of your life once again because Shaman King Manga is all gear up for its new anime Television series. According to the latest information Shaman King Manga is inspiring a new anime TV series.

However, the exact date is not known but according, to the official website of Shaman King Manga, the new anime series will be airing in April of next year. The series will be based on all 35 volumes of manga’s complete edition.

Shāman Kingu or Shaman King: a Japanese manga which was written by Hiroyuki Takei. That manga used to publish in Weekly Shōnen Jump from 1998 to 2004. After the manga hit success initially the developers started focusing on its TV series. Finally, the anime TV series of Shaman King aired from July 2001 to September 2002 by XBEC on TV TOKYO. The first anime series of Shaman King consisted of 64 episodes. Later on in 2003 FOX BOX also started airing it in the US.

Shaman King’s official twitter account also announces the premiere of their upcoming anime series. Apart from the announcement the twitter account and the official website both of them uploaded the trailer of the new series. Trailer’s official theme song is the original track of the series.

The series Shaman King is based on Shamanism. Yoh Asakura desires to be a Shaman King to change the world and make it a peaceful land. To become a king he has to win a battle which helds in every 500 years. Yoh Asakura, who is a medium between the worlds of the living and the world of the dead, has a ghost guardian Amidamaru. The journey of Shaman King shows how Yoh fights for his purpose.

There is another great news for Yoh Asakura’s fan. The official website of Shaman King Manga has also declared that earlier anime series of Shaman King will be airing on Full Anime TV and Bonbon TV. Now, you can enjoy both the editions at a same time.

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