Shounen Maid Season 2: Renewal, Release Date & Other Updates

After four long years, it’s finally time to ask some serious questions. Will Shounen Maid Season 2 ever release? Despite heavy-demands, Studio Eight Bit is yet to wave the green flag. However, that does not confirm the anime’s cancelation either. Fans from around the globe are ready to support the second season. What’s in the future of the show? Here’s everything you need to know.

Shounen Maid originated as a comedy manga series written and illustrated by Ototachibana. It began serialization in 2008 and survived for nearly a decade until April 2017. Due to its popularity, the manga was soon picked up for an anime adaptation by Studio Eight Bit. The 12-episode television show aired in Japan between April and July 2016. Since then, fans have been waiting for another season.

Shounen Maid Season 2: Renewal Updates

Many of the Shounen Maid viewers believe that the comedy anime is underrated and deserves more attention. Both critics and audiences have given positive reviews to the first season. In fact, the first few episodes of the installment gained much popularity when they aired in Japan. However, later on, the viewership of the show decreased. This might be one of the reasons why Eight Bit has not renewed a sequel.

Shounen Maid Season 2

On the other hand, given that its source material has already ended, producing Shounen Maid Season 2 will be a bigger risk for its studio. Well, anime adaptations often act as an advertisement for their source material. Hence, they only have a future until they have content. Thus, as soon as the source material ends, the chances for sequels fall. Unfortunately, this might become the case with Shounen Maid too.

The original manga series had already ended back in April 2017. Hence, Shounen Maid Season 2 has low chances for return. However, as long as the anime is not officially canceled, there will always be hope for more content. In the past few years, social media and online petitions have made it easier for fans to reach out the creators of any show. Thus, they hold much power over any series’ future. If there’s enough demand for the second season, Eight Bit or any other studio might take the risk of producing it. We will update this article with any further information.

Is There Enough Source Material For The New Season?

Well, unlike other shows, anime adaptations are dependant on their source material for the plot. Animation studios rarely create original stories for adaptations if they have less source material left. The Shounen Maid manga ran for a total of ten volumes. Whereas, the television anime consumed the plot of almost seven of them. Hence, the second season barely has any content to adapt. Sadly, this further decreases the chances for its return.

Shounen Maid Season 2

When Will Shounen Maid Season 2 Release?

Since the anime is yet to get a renewal, it’s currently hard to predict a release date. However, even if Eight Bit greenlights Shounen Maid Season 2 right away, they might take a while to write an original plot for it. Hence, no new episodes might premiere before mid to late-2022. Keep an eye on this corner for all future updates.

Do you want Shounen Maid Season 2 of the comedy anime? What are your favorite moments from the first season? Please share with us in the comments below.

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