10 Strongest Titans In Attack on Titan
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10 Strongest Titans In Attack on Titan Ranked! #1 Will Shock You

Who are the Strongest Titans in Attack on Titan? Strength is a common trait upon which fans often compare fictional characters. In Attack on Titan, Titans are giant human-eating monsters that have become archenemies of the human race over time. They are ridiculously powerful and dangerous as compared to their counterpart human beings. In fact, some of them are so strong that they possess the strength to eradicate an entire species single-handedly.

The only known way of killing a titan is by destroying a specific part around its neck. Besides this, there are no weaknesses in this demonic being. So today, let us take a look at the strongest Titans that have appeared on Wit Studio’s popular anime, so far. Here is a list of the top 10 strongest titans in Attack of Titan.

10. The Colossal Titan

Of course, how can we not put the Colossal Titan on this list? The very first creature that we ever saw in the show was this one. Besides its humongous body, this Titan also has a heating ability. That’s right, the creature can charge a powerful blow of heat from its body. This incredible heat power brings this Titan to our list of the strongest titans in Attack on Titan.

9. The War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan has shown up in the show time and again. Much like the Attack Titan, this one also has mental abilities that can hammer with the opponent’s brain. Moreover, the War Hammer Titan can control the thoughts and emotions of any living being. This makes it extra powerful while in combat. It can fill the opponent with fear so that he loses a battle even without trying.

The War Hammer Titan

8. The Cart Titan

In order to analyze this Titan’s power, one must know that Cart Titan is an extremely scary creature. This Titan has managed to kill more humans than any other titan in the show. The strong factor about this Titan is that it has a very strong retention power. This means that the Cart Titan is very hard to fight as he does not get tired easily. In fact, many humans have tried their luck against this giant, and they have failed miserably.

10 Strongest Titans In Attack on Titan

7. The Beast Titan

The simplest way to find Beast Titan out of all the Titans is to look for the scariest-looking creature. This Titan looks like a complete monster who would probably destroy anyone and anything in its way. What makes his appearance so scary is the fact that Beast Titan has way more than one ability. The killing count of this Titan is even higher than you can expect. Hence, we give the Beast Titan a top spot in this list.

10 Strongest Titans In Attack on Titan

6. The Founding Titan

Another strong contender in this list is the Founding Titan. This Titan can be considered the father of all these creatures. Much like the Night King from Game of Thrones, he can also turn normal humans into actual Titans. This is yet another reason why many fans consider this anime to be the animated version of Game of Thrones. As for the Founding Titan, it is easily the most dangerous villain of the show.

The Founding Titan

5. The Jaw Titan

Well, if you have seen the Jaw Titan, then you probably know it’s humongous. On top of his giant body, the Jaw Titan has many abilities. As its name suggests, it has a powerful jaw that is nothing short of a cutter. This Titan can break almost anything with its jaw. Moreover, he is highly overpowering in battles as well. Hence, he is surely a big threat in Attack on Titan.

10 Strongest Titans In Attack on Titan

4. The Female Titan

In Attack on Titan, Female Titan is yet another strong creature who has killed many living beings sheerly out of rage. One of the abilities of this Titan is shapeshifting. This means that defeating a Female Titan becomes even more difficult as she can turn herself into any flexible form. So, this makes the Female Titan a worthy contender in the list of the strongest titans in Attack on Titan.

3. The Armored Titan

Yet another Titan which is a big threat to the world of humans is the Armored Titan. How do you attack a Titan whose skin is as strong as steel? The answer is simple. You can’t! Even the defensive lines have scratched their heads over how to strategize a battle against a Titan as strong as this one. The Armored Titan is definitely a strong contender on this list.

10 Strongest Titans In Attack on Titan

2. The Attack Titan

Undoubtedly, the strongest Titan in the show is the Attack Titan. In the show, Eren Yeager is the new Attack Titan. More than physical strength, he has telepathic abilities, which can really mess with someone’s ability to think. This strategy comes in very handy in battles. And this makes him one of the most powerful Titans on the show.

The Attack Titan

1. The Wall Titans

This was a little shocking revelation to the fans of Attack on Titan. It was revealed by the end of the show that creatures called the Colossal Titans live inside the great wall. That’s right, the entire wall is made up of small Titans that are no less than zombies. These creatures were given the name of The Wall Titans. If they ever decide to attack humans together, there is nothing that can stop them from doing so.

The Wall Titans

With The Wall Titans, we can conclude this list of the strongest titans in Attack on Titan. Are you satisfied with the rankings so far? If not, who do you think should be on this list? Share your thoughts in the comments. For more such listicles on Attack on Titan and other anime series, keep an eye on this corner.

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