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Tales of Luminaria Anime: New Visual, Release Date & More

Fans have been eagerly waiting for more news on the Tales of Luminaria Anime since the production announcement in 2021. Developed in 2021 as an epic action RPG game for smartphones, the game became popular for its soothing visuals and incredible storyline. Recently, the producers released a trailer for the upcoming show. Moreover, they also announced the release details of the series. So keep reading further to know more about the update.

Colopl developed Tales of Luminaria, a mobile RPG game, in 2021. Bandai Namco Entertainment published the game for Android and iOS. It was first released on November 3, 2021, in Japan. Later, it was released in English in November 2021. This game was Bandai Namco’s step into the global market. The game can be played through episodes and has multi-level boss battles. A player can use up to three characters in one go. In September 2021, Studio Kamikaze Douga announced an anime adaptation of the game.

Tales of Luminaria Anime

Tales of Luminaria Anime: New Visuals Out!

The official YouTube channel of Bandai Namco Entertainment recently began streaming the third trailer of the Tales of Luminaria Anime. The trailer opens with a shot of Leo as he draws his sword out. This is followed by a scene of Celia with her bow. Next, there is a voiceover about the beasts that were attacking them. Finally, the frames show Lisette making a plan to break the mana balance. The rest of the trailer shows action shots of different characters with their weapons. Fans can also see supporting characters and get screen time in the trailer.

Tales of Luminaria: Plot Details

The plot of the Tales of Luminaria Anime follows 21 different perspectives. Fans are excited to see how the show will proceed. The story’s main focus is the war between the Jerle Federation and the Gildllan Empire. Jerle Federation was living in harmony with the beasts. But the Gildllan Empire extracts mana from the beasts for its technological advancement. This fundamental disagreement is the core of the story.

The story then follows twenty-one different characters across the two nations. Thus, it shows 21 different perspectives. Some of these characters do not belong to any nation. The YouTube channel also released a 10-minute clip from its first episode. You can watch the full clip right here:

Cast Updates

There are further developments regarding the Japanese and English casting for the Tales of Luminaria Anime. Firstly, Ryohei Arai and Aaron Dismuke are playing the role of Leo in Japanese and English. Miho Okasaki and Cristina Vee are cast as Celia. Additionally, Dawn M. Bennett will be in the role of Michelle Bouquet. Moreover, Suzy Yeung will be Yelsy in the show. Moreover, Jamie Marchi got the role of Vanessa Morax. Finally, Yuto Uemura and Micah Solusod will be voicing Lucien. Keep reading further to know more about the release details of the anime.

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Tales of Luminaria Anime

Tales of Luminaria Anime: Release Date

Tales of Luminaria Anime will begin streaming from January 21, 2022. However, Funimation will begin streaming a day earlier, on January 20, 2022. Fans can expect the English release at the same time. What do you think of this adaptation? Let us know in the comment box below. For more details about the show, keep an eye on this space.

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