Team Rocket’s Strongest Pokemons Ranked! Meowth Is Not #1

Here is a list of Team Rocket’s Strongest Pokemons Ranked. Everyone loves Team Rocket. Despite the fact that these are perfect villains with all the wrong intentions, we still root for them. The lovable trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth have always come up with creative ways to trouble Ash and his friends. But their failed ventures always churn out a burst of good laughter.

In their doomed experiments, the team Rocket is often accompanied by newer Pokemon to help them. But we all know what ultimately happens. They always end up getting kicked into the sky only to make a star. But despite their stupid plans, the team has owned quite some competent Pokémons. So, let us have a look at all the Pokemons that Team Rocket has ever owned.

10. Mimikyu

Another one of Team Rocket’s Pokemon was Mimikyu. A mere look at the Pokemon will tell you why Team Rocket owns this one. It looks like Pikachu! Mimikyu even gave Pikachu a tough fight during their one-on-one. But it eventually lost because of losing a lot of power. Mimikyu was a very powerful addition to Team Rocket. Thus, the tenth spot is appropriate for this Pokemon in this list of Team Rocket’s Strongest Pokemons Ranked.

Team Rocket's Strongest Pokemons Ranked

9. Koffing And Weezing

Koffing and Weezing were James’ strongest Pokemons. The pair had some impressive abilities like smoke and dust, which would blind the opponent for a few golden minutes. Koffing and Weezing did prove their worth many times to Team Rocket. Team Rocket has escaped from troubles because of this Pokemon several times. Hence they get a well-deserved ninth spot in this list of Team Rocket’s Strongest Pokemons Ranked.

Koffing And Weezing

8. Mareanie

The first time that we saw this Pokemon was in the Sun and Moon series. Mareanie has the ability to work over water and poison parallelly. This Pokemon belonged to James, and over time he became especially attached to him. Although, the Pokemon did come in handy to this evil team in a few matches. But even this Pokemon could not help Team Rocket to achieve their sole desire of catching Pikachu.

Team Rocket's Strongest Pokemons Ranked

7. Gourgeist

This is one of Jessie’s Pokemon that showed up in the series. Gourgeist is essentially a Pokemon whose sole power is a flashlight. It’s not that powerful, but if used wisely, Gourgeist is an asset to Team Rocket. The real power came when this Pokemon evolved. Its basic flashlight powers turned into beautiful fireworks, which ultimately helped Team Rocket. Hence, Gourgeist gets the seventh spot on our list of Team Rocket’s strongest Pokemons ranked.

Team Rocket's Strongest Pokemons Ranked

6. Dustox

Do you recall the Hoenn and Sinnoh adventures? This is the time when Team Rocket came across Dustox. Jessie acquired this Pokemon thinking that it was a Taillow. But she soon realized that Dustox has a very different set of powers. This Pokemon did give a tough fight to Ash in Sinnoh with its powerful moves. But ultimately, Dustox lost because of not evolving soon enough.

Team Rocket's Strongest Pokemons Ranked

5. Wobbuffet

Besides Meowth, Wobbuffet was the only Pokemon that became a core member of Team Rocket. Just like Yamask, this one is also a defense-based Pokemon. Wobbuffet can counter almost any attack that touches it. The hard skin and patient stature of this Pokemon has proved to be very useful to Team Rocket. Hence, Wobbuffet’s strong defense gains it a fifth spot in the list of Team Rocket’s Strongest Pokemons Ranked.

Team Rocket's Strongest Pokemons Ranked

4. Yanmega

Yanma is easily Team Rocket’s most memorable Pokemons. Not because it has proven to be of any use, but because Yanma gave them a very hard time. As the show progresses, fans learn that the set of powers possessed by Yanma are way more than anticipated. In the future, Yanma evolves into the rare species of Yanmega, which turned out very helpful to this evil Team.

Team Rocket's Strongest Pokemons Ranked

3. Yamask

Yamask turned how to be the most powerful companions for James. The Pokemon was more focused on defensive battle techniques than the attacking one. Even though it won Team Rocket some matches, but Yamask never managed to beat Pikachu. Yamask is certainly a strong contender in our list of Team Rocket’s Strongest Pokemons Ranked.

Team Rocket's Strongest Pokemons Ranked

2. Meowth

On the fourth spot is one of the members of Team Rocket itself, Meowth. More than an asset, Meowth is an element of chaos in the team. The plans that this talking cat makes always go down the spiral. Even the chances of winning in a battle for this Pokemon are very low. However, it’s not all his fault. Strong trainers are also what this cat lacks. We saw that Tyson was able to train Meowth well enough. This hidden power brings Meowth to the second spot.

Team Rocket's Strongest Pokemons Ranked

1. Ekans And Arbok

This one is undoubtedly one of the most powerful Pokemons of Team Rocket. This giant snake-like Pokemon has won Team Rocket several battles. The team even came close to abducting Pikachu with the help of Ekans and Arbok. But as we can guess, Ash and the friends got him back. If given the right training, Ekans and Arbok will definitely be the biggest asset for this team.

Ekans And Arbok

So, these were all the Pokemons that Team Rocket ever owned. Are you satisfied with the rankings? Did we miss any Pokemon on our list? Let us know in the comment section. For more cool stuff on Pokemon, keep visiting this corner.

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