The Best Anime of Spring 2020

As we all know like every spring this April, also had a long list of anime for anime fans. Some of those are still steaming on various networks, some have completed their journey whereas, some are on hiatus due to a short pause in their working. Here we are presenting to you some of the anime that are mostly followed by the anime fans.

Digimon Adventure

It is an action-based anime specially designed for kids who are fond of adventure. It is the anime which will directly take you into a world full of fantasy and Electronic Monsters. Digimon Adventure is from the Toei Animation Studio and many top-notch artists are working on this project.

The anime released in Japan on April 5 of 2020. Later its working was temporarily ceased due to ongoing pandemic but, soon after it, the series is back with a dub competition for its followers.

Tower Of God

Tower Of God
Tower Of God

Kami no Tou or Tower Of God is the anime which received a lot of fame in such a short period. The anime with only 13 episodes is rocking and increasing its fans with every passing day. Tower Of God gave its debut on April 1, 2020, through Telecom Animation Films. 

Its story revolves around a mysterious tower and how two friend Bam and Rachel manage to climb that tower. After the finale of this anime, the creator celebrates its end with a beautiful comic and a message from him to thank everyone.

BNA: Brand New Animal

It is an anime full of fantasy and adventure to find the truth. The truth behind the Michiru‘s mysterious switching into an animal-human.

It shows the story of beastmen or half-animal and half-human.The anime released on April 9 2020 and it is currently streaming on Fuji TV and Netflix.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma The Fifth Plate

Food Wars
Food Wars

 It is the final and the fifth part of the famous anime series, Food Wars. The anime released on April 11, 2020, but after sometime similar to some other anime it stopped temporarily due to COVID-19 on April 18, with its second episode. Now, the series is about to resume from its third episode in July 2020.

Like every season of food war this finale is also full of exotic cuisines and delicious food items.

So, here the list marks its end for us but still there are several anime streaming on various networks. Now, it is up to you that which anime you find the best and which anime the less.

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