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The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2: Renewed! Release Date & Latest Updates

The renewal of The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 is finally confirmed! So, every fan who was tensed about the renewal can finally relax. Studio Bones recently came up with the announcement that TCSV is going to be a split-cour anime. This means that the second season gets a green flag right away. Well, TCSV is a popular fantasy manga Jun Mochizuki that came out in 2015. Nine volumes of the story exist so far. More is yet to come out.

The announcement also regards episode 13 of the anime, which will officially inaugurate the second season. The makers have come out with an official tentative release schedule. So, without taking much of your time. Here is all you need to know about the release of The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2.

The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2: Renewal Status!

For now, there isn’t much to confirm for the viewers as the makers have officially announced that The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 is going to be the second cour of the original idea. Many people are referring the second part as Season 2. So, don’t get confused when you come across either. The second season will also have twelve episodes, much like the first one. For now, we are not sure which division of Studio Bones will handle the production of the anime. Besides, most of the staff, including director Tomoyuki Itamura and writer Hitomi Mieno will be reprising their jobs for the second installment.

What Is The New Anime About?

Four of the twelve episodes of The Case Study of Vanitas are already available to stream on Funimation and multiple Japanese networks. So far, fans are loving the story of this dark fantasy. The story follows a close bond between vampire Noe Archivist and human doctor Vanita. The professor wants to conduct a series of experiments on the vampire to cure him of the urges to devour human blood.

However, Noe is skeptical of her ideas. Cured or not, the vampire is certainly dangerous to the human who is trying to help him. For now, the story of the first season itself is yet to conclude. So, speculating about the next one is too much hurry. Nonetheless, we will be sure to return with every theory as soon as the inaugural season ends.

The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2: Release Date

For now, the only thing that has seen confirmation is the fact that The Case Study of Vanitas will be a split-cour anime series. This means that the second season will begin with the thirteenth episode itself. The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2 has a tentative release schedule of early-2022. Thereby, fans will have to wait for only three to four months post the end of the inaugural season. Furthermore, we will be sure to update this section as soon as the makers confirm a solid release date.

What are your thoughts about the renewal of The Case Study of Vanitas Season 2? Are you also looking forward to a renewal of the second cour? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment box below. For more latest news updates on upcoming shows, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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