The Seven Deadly Sins Season 3: Netflix Release Date, Details, and More

The famous anime TV series Seven Deadly Sins started as an adaption of its manga back in 2014. With the passage of time the anime strengthen its self in the industry. Till this date the franchise has successfully completed its 4 seasons of anime TV series each aired in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020 respectively. 

From the time the franchise Seven Deadly Sins released its  first season it is like a tradition for it to broadcast its seasons on Netflix. Recently, the Seven Deadly Sins has completed its 4th season and like the previous ones the new season is going to be stream on Netflix.

On Wednesday July 22 2020 the streaming network release its whole lineup for the upcoming month. According to the tweet, the Seven Deadly Sins Wrath Of God which is named as Seven Deadly Sins: Imperial Wrath Of The Gods will release in the end of first week of August that is on 6th August. Having another season and the joy of a complete playlist of this astounding anime on Netflix will no doubt be a fun for anime fans.

Along with the Wrath Of God the streaming service has enlisted several other anime. Those anime may include The Lost World: Jurassic Park, The Legend Of Kora, Aggretsuko Season 3 and many other astounding anime.

 The Wrath Of God aired in October 2019 in Japan on TV Tokyo. The series is under the banner of Studio Deen rather than the A-1 studio which has been producing the Seven Deadly sins from a long time. The anime was directed by Susumu Nishizawa and penned down by Rintaro Ikeda.

The iconic music band for the Seven Deadly Sins: The Wrath Of God remained same. The first opening Theme song “Rob The Frontier’. Whereas, the second OP ‘Delete’ was performed by SID was from the UVERworlds. Like its OPs the anime consisted of two Ending Theme Songs. Regeneration and Good Day were performed by Kana Adachi.

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