8 Times Goku Died In Dragon Ball Series! Goku Once Killed Himself

Do you remember how many times Goku died in Dragon Ball? It’s always the protagonist that the fans are analyzing. For the Dragon Ball universe, it’s Goku that they are keeping a keen eye on. His powers, strengths, battle skills, and losses are all under a tough radar. Fans often count the number of times that Goku has won. However, there were also those rare times when he terribly lost. Be it against Vegeta or Beerus, Goku has also tasted loss.

Death is not a new phenomenon in Dragon Ball. The show has never been afraid of killing off prime characters for shock value. Even the protagonist has left the show many times. Hence, let us take a look at all the times in Dragon Ball when Goku was defeated and even killed. It’s time to look back at the heartbreaking nostalgic deaths that our favorite character faced.

8. Times Goku Died In Dragon Ball: Killed By Goku Black

We all remember the Black Goku arc when the beloved family saw its ultimate end. It was Zamasu who was behind all the ploy. Disguised as Goku, he enters his house. He was called the Goku Black. There, Goku Black brutally murders Goten and Chichi. This was one of the most heartbreaking moments in the history of the entire show. Well, no one expected a character this strong to die such an unsatisfying death.

7. Dragon Ball Z: Sacrificed Himself To Stop Raditz

This was the second time we witnessed the death of Goku onscreen. And this time, he did die! What is shocking is that the protagonist did not die in a battle, but rather he sacrificed himself to save his brother’s life. This sudden death of the lead hero broke the hearts of all the Dragon Ball fans. The scene that followed the death of Goku also finds Piccolo responsible. This is because he was one the one who sent the sharp blow through Raditz’s body that also went through Goku. It was one of the most numbing deaths of Dragon Ball series.

6. Dragon Ball Z: Goku Against Piccolo Daimao

Times Goku Died In Dragon Ball
Killed by Piccolo

The reason this particular case stands last in this list is that Goku was not particularly killed. Demon King Piccolo was successful in almost killing Goku for a few heartbreaking moments. Fans were shocked to see that the makers killed the main character at the beginning of the show. Fortunately, he did come back to life after a few moments of grief. Even Piccolo did not mean to kill the Saiyan. We never got to know where Goku’s soul went for that brief period of time when he died. 

5. Times Goku Died In Dragon Ball: Dying With Heart Virus

Goku's heart virus
Goku’s heart virus

Goku was always considered the strongest warriors in the series. But who would have thought that after beating the strongest villains, he would end up on a deathbed with a fever. That’s right, Goku passes away because of mere virus. Not only is this news disappointing, but its also laughable to see a man so capable die helplessly. Although, we do not see the actual scene of his death, it was Future Trunks who reports this to the present Goku. But there is still hope that Goku might make a comeback healthy as ever.

4. Sacrificed Himself To Stop Cell

One of the most heartbreaking yet memorable death scenes of Dragon Ball happens to be this one. Goku’s sacrifice was worth remembering in his fight against Cell. In the face of adversities and troubles, this legend will go on to even give up his life. The final farewell of the character with his sons and wife is one of the most overwhelming scenes of the anime. We will always remember Goku’s ultimate goodbye.

3. Killed By Hit

Times Goku Died In Dragon Ball
Goku Killed by Hit

This is another moment that takes place in the Dragon Ball Super series. Hit was not considered a prominent character until he actually went on to kill Goku. Hit was a side-villain who everybody thought to be weak. But during his one-on-one combat with Goku, he proved that the Saiyan is nothing against him. As a result, Goku faced death. Fortunately, the Hit-arc was not a part of the actual Dragon Ball series. So, Goku came back soon enough.

2. Ascends To A Higher Level Of Existence

Dragon Ball GT
Dragon Ball GT

This is an arc that a lot of people fail to understand. Many fans still question what happened at the end of the final battle in GT. What we saw was Goku mysteriously dying and then reappearing as a completely different person. On the other hand, Goku had supposedly become a divine being who was above all mortal beings. He became a God that no one liked in the end.

1. Dragon Ball Online: Death By The Hands Of Vegeta

Dragon Ball
Goku Vs. Vegeta

This arc is surely one of the most powerful scenes of Dragon Ball Online. Goku and Vegeta have had a long journey. From being archenemies to becoming workable friends, they have seen it all. In Dragon Ball Online, the two Saiyans are finally up against each other. Considering the destructive nature of their powers, Goku and Vegeta transport into space to put a full stop to this long rivalry. Sadly, it turns out that they never returned from space after this. Hence, it looks like it is a final goodbye to both of them.

So, these were all the Times Goku Died In Dragon Ball, despite being the strongest man in the show. Which of these arcs do you think is the most shocking one? Share your thoughts in the comment section. For more such listicles on Dragon Ball, keep visiting this corner.

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