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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226: The War Begins! Plot & Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 is on its way, and fans cannot wait to see how the events of the War of the Three Deities play out. So far, the build-up towards the much-awaited war has been intense. Naturally, fans were not expecting to lose a prime character. However, Draken’s death proved to be the catalyst to this war. So, what will happen next? Is Mikey thirsting revenge? Here is all you need to know.

In the forthcoming chapter, Mikey is most likely to take a pause from the war. Besides Draken’s death, he has no knowledge of the events that are happening around him. In his timeline, Takemichi is an unknown figure. Thus, the fact that Draken sacrificed himself for a stranger will intrigue him. It will be worth watching how Mikey interacts with Takemichi in the next outing.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226: Plot Details

In the forthcoming chapter of Tokyo Revengers, fans can expect to see the complete outcome of the War of the three Deities. Between the Brahmans, Rokuhara, and the Kanto Manji gang, only one gang would come out victorious. The most exciting part of this war is going to be the stance of Mikey. When almost every gang member was fighting their rivals, Mikey was standing in the middle indecisive of his loyalty. In the current timeline, Mikey is not aware of Takemichi’s presence. The two never met before the events of the amusement park.

As a result, Mikey might end up considering Takemichi to be a rival. Moreover, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 might showcase a bowl between the two. Before that, the outing will focus on the four-way battle between Takeomi, South, Wakasa, and Benkei. The members of the Kanto Manji gang are enraged by Draken’s cold-blooded murder. Later, the three Deities will commence the final bowl.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226

Previous Chapter Recap!

In the 225th chapter of TR, Mikey’s arrival caused havoc around the hospital. The members of the Rokuhara Tandai group were also present on the stage. It turned out that Mikey brought along the rest of the members of the Kanto Manji gang along with him. South declared that the War of the Three Deities was about to commence. Mikey asked Koko if the situation was in their favor. But Koko asked Mikey to stand down. However, the Rokuhara blindly began to attack the other members. The war started with South and Kakucho attacking the Brahman members first.

Senju was trying to calm everyone. But Wakasa lashed at her and told her to join the fight instead. Wakasa ran to help out Benkei, who Haitani was attacking. On the other hand, Takeomi ran towards the South and asked why she killed Draken. However, their conversation was interfered with by Wakasa and Benkei, who had come to help. The chapter ended with Takemichi witnessing the war with the face of grief.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226: Release Date

The latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers is all set to bring epic action to the floors. Between Mikey’s rage and Rokuhara’s arrogance, who will win? Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 will release this Wednesday on October 13, 2021. Fans will find all the chapters of the popular manga on the official website of Kodansha. Keep coming back to The Anime Daily for more.