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Tokyo Revengers Episode 22: Victorious Mikey! Release Date & Plot

The story of Tokyo Revengers has finally entered its concluding arc. The War of the Bloody Halloween has almost reached a conclusion. Even the fans wonder who is going to rule the gangs of Tokyo in the end. In the previous episode, Baji sacrificed himself for the sake of peace in the city. But Mikey might not see this sacrifice above his lust for power. Thus, in Tokyo Revengers Episode 22, Takemichi might rebel against his own leader and try to stop Mikey. Here is all you need to know about the new episode.

In the upcoming episode, fans will see a flashback sequence to a time when Baji formed the Toman Gang. Young Takemichi, Draken, and Hinata will also feature in the new episode. This sequence will be in regards to Takemichi remembering his father-figure after the loss. It will be interesting to see how things unfold when Takemichi turns the tables against Mikey.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 22

Tokyo Revengers Episode 22: Plot Details

The title of the forthcoming episode of Tokyo Revengers is “One For All.” As the name suggests, the new episode will declare the winner of the War of the Bloody Halloween. After Baji’s sacrifice, Kazutora might realize his mistake and aa up the need to rule the Tokyo Undergrounds. But Mikey is still reluctant to become the leader of all the three gangs. Thus, in Tokyo Revengers Episode 22, Takemichi will rebel against his own guardians and try to stop Mikey.

The new episode might also dive into a flashback sequence that will deal with the formation of the original Toman Gang. All the gang members will remember Baji and his bravery. It was Baji who formed the Toman gang in the first place. Thus, Takemichi and Draken will try their best to keep their promise to the lost man. So, they’d stop Mikey from taking control of the other gangs.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 22

Previous Episode Recap!

In the 21st episode of TR, fans witnessed the grieving loss of Baji. He was stabbed by Kazutora while he was trying to stop the members of the opponent gang from attacking the youngsters. The loss of Baji moved Takemichi to his core. But Baji fought with unsurprising valor even with a big wound. He managed to kill as many as fifty members of the 3rd division. Witnessing the state of Baji, Mikey snapped at Kazutora and started hitting him endlessly.

But Baji stopped them both and ordered them to end this rivalry immediately. Later, Baji took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed himself to death. In the dying state, he declared that he is not going to die from a wound that Kazutora gave him. The episode ended with Takemichi taking Baji in his arms and weeping for the loss. However, he will now have to stop Mikey in order to pay his last respects to Baji.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 22

Tokyo Revengers Episode 22: Release Date

In the final few episodes, the story of Tokyo Revengers can turn either way. Kazutora might not become the ruler of Tokyo. But he certainly loses his best friend in the process. So, Tokyo Revengers Episode 22 will release this Saturday on September 4, 2021. All the episodes of the anime are available on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

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