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Tokyo Revengers To Enter The Final Arc From Chapter 208! Plot Details

Is Tokyo Revengers manga coming to an end? This week was full of buzz around the end of TR. All over the internet, people were discussing if the manga was coming to an abrupt end. Even the speculations about a ‘Final Arc’ were also roaming around. So, what is all this buzz about? Is the manga really saying goodbye? The answer is both Yes and No. Let’s find out more.


The Tokyo Revengers is a very popular Japanese shōnen manga series that began serialization back in 2017. It is published by Kodansha, and about twenty-two volumes are already out by now. The writer and illustrator of this masterpiece is Ken Wakul. This year, Liden Films is producing an anime adaptation that is currently up and running. So, here is everything to know about the final arc of Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers: Final Arc

Last week, when the 207th chapter came out, many portals started speculating that the next chapter will be the inaugural edition for the Final Arc. Even Ken Wakul mentions earlier that an end was near enough. Since no one has officially denied the buzz, it is safe to say that Chapter 208 will begin Tokyo Revengers’ final arc. However, the end of the manga is not relatively near. So, we can comfortably enjoy the running angles.

Tokyo Revengers

What Is The Final Arc About?

The story of Tokyo Revengers follows Takemichi Hanagiki, who is on a mission to stop the Tokyo Manji group from taking over the world. But it’s too late in his timeline. Thus, he travels back in time to stop this gang from assembling. Through hurdles and setbacks, Takemichi is almost successful in halting the rise of Tokyo Manji.


But as we enter past chapter 200, Takemichi’s best friend Mikey has decided to change path. Until now, the fight was against the bad guys. But as friends are up against each other, Takemichi must question the purpose of his mission. How will he stop his own friend? Will we ever see a happy ending? The Takemichi vs. Mikey arc will make the final for this epic manga. So, let’s see what the forthcoming chapters hold in store for us.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers: How Long Will This Arc Last

Well, there has been no confirmation regarding the run-time of this arc. However, if we consider the runnings of other major arcs, we can speculate that the final arc will last a good two to three years. This means that Tokyo Revengers manga will see its end somewhere around mid-2023.


What are your thoughts about the final arc of Tokyo Revengers? Let’s discuss your fan theories in the comment section down below. For further details about your favorite mangas and anime, check out The Anime Daily.