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Vegeta Becoming A God Of Destruction: Let’s Analyse The Odds

Are you in for Vegeta becoming a God of Destruction? Since the beginning of Dragon Ball Z, Vegeta has seen an incredible arc of redemption. From being an unapologetic villain to becoming a family man, Vegeta has surely come a long way. Named after the planet he was born in, Vegeta’s sole purpose since birth has been to overthrow Frieza.

In order to gain the strength that is compatible with the supervillain Frieza, Vegeta goes to earth in search of Dragon Balls. That’s where this villain becomes an anti-hero. Vegeta meets his future best friend Goku and learns the power of family and friendships. However, it’s evident that Vegeta’s arc will only be complete when he succeeds in becoming a literal God of Destruction. So today, letters explore the possibilities of Vegeta Becoming a God of Destruction.

Vegeta Becoming A God Of Destruction: Is He Worthy?

Vegeta Becoming A God of Destruction

To understand if the show will ever plan to make Vegeta a god, we must look into the smallest of details. The Dragon Ball Super series has given us many clues suggesting that Vegeta will replace the existing God of Destruction. The only two contenders who possess the power of a god are Goku and Vegeta. However, since Goku is too kind-hearted for the position, Vegeta becomes the only worthy contender.

Another instance that foreshadowed the possibility of Vegeta becoming a God of Destruction was the Tournament of Power. This was when Vegeta was up against Toppo. His opponent mocked him about his will to pick up the mighty tag. But our Saiyan fought brilliantly, proving that he was already on par with a deity. The Dragon Ball Super manga has been even more specific in drawing the arc of Vegeta as a God. We see in the manga that Beerus teaches him the signature God of Destruction technique.

What Will Happen If Vegeta Actually Becomes A God Of Destruction?

Vegeta Becoming A God of Destruction
Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta

If we consider the part where Vegeta actually becomes the God of Destruction, it would be one of the best moments of the entire Dragon Ball universe. Although Vegeta is only a shadow of what he used to be, some parts of those darker tendencies still remain. In order for this Saiyan to become the ultimate lord of destruction, he must go back to the original vengeful person that he used to be.

Moreover, if Vegeta becomes the God of Destruction, there would be nothing greater in the show than a completed redemption arc. The definitions of destruction would change after this character decides to take on the role.


Vegeta Becoming A God of Destruction
Beerus and Vegeta

Currently, the world of Dragon Ball is in complete chaos. With Frieza back alive, and the criminal organization of Heeters in play, the Dragon Ball universe is full of antagonistic elements. So this is the best time that the world moves on from a lazy purple cat to a much persevering superhero.

What do you think about the possibilities of Vegeta becoming a God of Destruction? Since the Dragon Ball Super is busy with the Granola arc, it seems like there is a long way before Vegeta finally gets his due. Are you following the Granola arc for now? Please share your thoughts in the comment section. For more such nerd stuff on the Dragon Ball franchise, keep coming back to The Anime Daily.

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