13 Best Anime Films On Crunchyroll
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13 Best Anime Movies On Crunchyroll For Your Weekends!

Are you tired of watching five season-long anime series that never end? But want a perfect anime watch for the weekend? Well, you’ve come to the right place because this article will give you many ideas for a quick binge session. Use your Crunchyroll account and search for the following anime films to fill your weekend with joyous colors. Hence, this is our list of the 13 Best Anime Movies On Crunchyroll.

There are many underrated films on Crunchyroll that people oversee while scrolling through numerous options. Today, we have hand-picked only the best movies that are available on the platform for you. Starting with –

13. K: Missing Kings

The first name on this list of the Best Anime Movies On Crunchyroll is the 2014 action-drama K Missing Kings. Produced by GoHands Studios, the movie was a follow-up to the popular Japanese K anime series. The story revolves around the searching of a lost king of a vast realm. Silver Clansmen Kuroh Yatogami and Neko are looking for Yashiro Isana all around the Kingdom. However, the knights soon find out that their master left behind dark secrets before disappearing. Now, the entire realm is in grave danger, and only Kuroh and Neko can protect the common folk.

13 Best Anime Films On Crunchyroll

12. Black Fox

Anime Black Fox is another action-based movie that came out two years ago. 3Hz is responsible for the production of this masterpiece. Now, the premise of Black Fox is set around the story of a rising ninja. Rikka Isurugi finds all of her family massacred by the government authorities. She realizes that they were searching for a technology invented by her father. Now, Rikka must find the gadget before the government does and also kill the murders of her family. Black Fox will be a fun and thrilling watch for your weekend plans!.

13 Best Anime Films On Crunchyroll

11. Accel World: Infinite Burst

Who doesn’t know about the extraordinary Accel World franchise? Besides, the Infinite Burst film is one of the most successful reboots of the past five years. With an earning of over ¥115 million, Accel World Infinite Burst has a name of its own. The narration follows Kuroyukihime, who operates in a gaming world along with her colleagues. However, one day, an external force destroys all links between the real and virtual world.

Now, many people are stuck in the state of limbo, and only Kuroyukihime can pull them out from the battlefields. There is a reason why Accel World: Infinite Burst has its global reputation. Do watch this one with your Crunchyroll account on the nearest weekend.

13 Best Anime Films On Crunchyroll

10. Starlight Promises

Starlight Promises is a popular Japanese anime fantasy that came out in August 2018. The film was created in the animation studios of Yokohama Animation Laboratory. Now, Starlight Promises revolves around a high school student named Shoma Mihara who finds the whereabouts of his school best friend, Atsushi Fujii. Without giving a second thought, Shoma rushes to the address that he receives.

However, he soon realizes that something is not right in his plan. As he learns that his old friend is not alive anymore, Shoma faces blinding grief and introspects about the person who messaged him. Hence, Starlight Promises will certainly leave an impression on you.

13 Best Anime Films On Crunchyroll

9. Kaguya-sama: Love Is War

This one is one of our favorites on the list of Best Anime Movies On Crunchyroll. Anime Kaguya-sama: Love Is War is a 2019 comedy film that was brought to us by Twins Japan, Asmik Ace, and Toho Pictures. The movie follows two rich high school students Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya, who are in a state of limbo with their emotions. Both Miyuki and Kaguya love each other, but no one wants to share their feelings first. In this ego clash, their love suffers.

Thus, both of them keep waiting until the end for the other to send a proposal. So who will confess their feelings first? Watch this romance drama to find out yourself.

13 Best Anime Films On Crunchyroll

8. Your Name

One of the most talked-about films in the last five years has been Your Name. Studio CoMix Wave Films is responsible for bringing this original product to life. The story of Your Name traces two contrasting individuals who are unhappy with their current lives. As it happens, God decides to switch Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana’s bodies. While the change is initially strange for both of them, they soon begin to enjoy the perks of the new life.

Mitsuha gets to live a free life without the constraints of her rich family, and Taki enjoys the comforts of a wealthy lifestyle. However, they also understand that magic is only to teach them a lesson, and it will not last forever.

Your Name

7. A Silent Voice

The 2016 film A Silent Voice is pretty similar to the concept of Your Name. This Kyoto Animation production follows the story of classmates Shoya Ishida and Shoko Nishimiya. It has been many years since that batch graduated from high school. However, Shoya is not living a joyful life, and the last straw he considers in life is suicide. But Shoya recalls that he used to bully a deaf girl in his school days. Thus he decides to find Shoko and make amends for his mistake before leaving the world. But their meeting leads to something way more beautiful than anyone can expect.

Best Anime Movies On Crunchyroll

6. A Wind Named Amnesia

While many of the films in this list released in the last five years, A Wind Named Amnesia is a story of the early 90s. Released in 1993, A Wind Named Amnesia is an action thriller set in a post-apocalyptic world. The story revolves around a world that has forgotten every memory of its existence. A strange wind forces all of the human race to forget everything from their language to their names. However, Wataru remembers everything about the past and history of humans.

Thus, he sets out on a journey to find other people like him and find a way to reverse things back to normal. This one is one of the Best Anime Movies On Crunchyroll and is perfect for a weekend watch.

A Wind Named Amnesia

5. Haikyuu!! The movie: The Talent and the Sense

The Talent and the Sense is the third film in the Haikyuu anime franchise. The anime movie was released in 2017, and it follows the story right after the end of the second season. The plot of Haikyuu!! The movie: The Talent and the Sense revolves around the match of the Karasuno High volleyball team against the current champions of Aobajosai High School. The film is shot and crisp and will entertain you for your weekend binge. Thus, this one gets the fifth spot on the list of 13 Best Anime Movies On Crunchyroll.

13 Best Anime Films On Crunchyroll

4. Children of Ether

The Children of Ether is an immensely popular film on Crunchyroll that came out four years ago in 2017. The film follows Rhonda, who has many enemies because of her superpowers. While she is smart enough to hide from the assassins, she must also not overlook the magnitude of her powers. If not controlled, she can become a source of destruction for the world. This is a reason why many antagonistic forces are looking for her. Children of Ether is a beautiful thriller that you must not miss out on at any cost.

Children of Ether

3. The Last: Naruto The Movie

The reason why this particular Naruto movie joins the list is that it is the highest-grossing Naruto film in the entire franchise. Well, the reason lies entirely in the plot. The main focus of this movie is around the relationship between Naruto and Hinata. The aftermaths of the Fourth Shinobi World War are finally at rest after two years. However, Toneri Otsutsuki is here to take revenge for the death of his kin Hamura Otsutsuki. Now Naruto must put all of his efforts to stop Toneri. Binging Naruto will be the best use of your Crunchyroll subscription.

13 Best Anime Films On Crunchyroll

2. 5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second is a 2007 film that revolves around the themes of love and friendships. The test of time that every long-distance relationship faces are beautifully dissected in this anime. Takaki and Akira separate by circumstances, and staying in touch is becoming ever so difficult. As time passes, deep insecurity of unfamiliarity grows in both of them. Thus, the estrangement increases to such a point that love is nowhere around now. Hence, 5 Centimeters Per Second is a beautiful story of separation that will stay with you for a very long time.

5 Centimeters Per Second

1. The Moment You Fall In Love

The last name on this list of 13 Best Anime Movies On Crunchyroll is the 2016 romance drama The Moment You Fall In Love. The film is more or less a classic high school drama that follows a group of heartless romantics who cannot propose to their crushes. The struggles of finding love in high school are beautifully portrayed in this one-hour movie. If you have a leisurely weekend ahead and are looking for something that suits your vanilla-flavored ice cream bucket, then go for The Moment You Fall In Love.

13 Best Anime Films On Crunchyroll

With this, we can conclude our list of the 13 Best Anime Movies On Crunchyroll. So, we hope that this list will help you decide your next movie experience with your loved ones. Is there any film on Crunchyroll that we forgot to mention in this list? Let us know in the comment section below. Lastly, for more such listicles about anime, keep visiting The Anime Daily.

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