Seeds Season 3: Will The Anime Return On Netflix? All The Latest Details

7 Seeds has been the talk of the town ever since Netflix announced its anime adaptation. The first season was nowhere near its source material, but the anime-only watchers still enjoyed it. However, its second season met the expectation of the viewers, and they really loved watching it. Soon after its release, fans began to demand 7 Seeds Season 3. So, will they ever be able to see the anime’s third season? Keep reading to know. 

7 Seeds is a Japanese post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime series. It is an adaptation of a shoujo manga series of the same name by Yumi Tamura. Yukio Takahashi directed the show produced by Gonzo Studio. The debut season arrived on Netflix in June 2019, while the second season premiered after a short gap in March 2020. Both these installments ran for twelve episodes. 

7 Seeds Season 3

7 Seeds Season 3: Renewal Status!

Post-apocalypse is one of the most popular genres in US TV shows. However, fans have rarely seen a good anime series of this genre. Fortunately, 7 Seeds changed their perception. The anime became popular even before its debut on Netflix. The first season disappointed the manga readers, but the second season brought back their hopes. Now, every single fan, satisfied or not, wants to see 7 Seeds Season 3 to get their closure on this story. 

However, Gonzo Studio and Netflix are yet to reveal whether there will be 7 Seeds Season 3 or not. The anime’s second season arrived only after nine months. Right after its arrival, the world was hit by a sudden global pandemic. Therefore, it is likely that Netflix delayed this decision because of the pandemic. But now the fans are getting desperate as it already has been a year. So, they can expect an official announcement from the streaming giant anytime soon.

7 Seeds Season 3

Is There Enough Source Material?

As we mentioned above, the anime is based on the manga series of the same name. Its serialization began in November 2001. It ran for 16 years ended on May 27, 2017. During its sixteen years run, the author has published a total of 35 volumes. The first two seasons of the anime series have only adapted 20 out of these 35 volumes. Therefore, Gonzo Studio still has content from the last 15 volumes of the manga, which is more than enough to make 7 Seeds Season 3. With slightly slow pacing, they can even make the fourth season conclude the storyline.

7 Seeds Season 3

7 Seeds Season 3: Will The Anime Return?

The viewership of 7 Seeds’ first two seasons was great. The manga has been pretty popular in the last two decades, which surely helped in increasing the viewership. Not only that, but the second season also has a good score of 7.15 on MAL. The demand for the third installment is also at its peak. So, 7 Seeds Season 3 should be on the cards sooner or later. Netflix will likely announce the official renewal of its third season in the upcoming months. Therefore, the fans don’t have to worry about its future as there is hope for the anime, and it might be back on our screens anytime soon.

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