Adult Swim and Crunchyroll Teamed Up For New Anime ‘Fena: Pirate Princess’

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The anime industry has provided its fans with numerous astounding anime based on the lives of a pirate and their adventurous life. Now, still, after such a long list of this category, the creators are up on the moto to bring another anime series on the adventurous life of a pirate.

The anime studio Production I.G is bringing its art piece with the name Fena: Pirate Princess, which will consist of 12 episodes. This project of Production I.G is releasing under the banner of two fabulous anime networks, which are Adult Swim and Crunchyroll.

Announcement regarding Fena: Pirate Princess made in the latest Adult Swim Con in its exclusive section of Toonami. In the same event, the authorities revealed its Plot which is revolving around the life of an Orphan Girl, Fena who lives in an abounded island. According to the official synopsis, the anime will show the struggle of Fena to escape from the slavery of her leaders and make her own identity and live her life on her own.

The director of Fena: Pirate Princess is Mr. Kazuto Nakazawa. Mr. Kazuto is famous for its expertise in the anime industry. Some of his admirable works include Attack On Titan Season 2, few episodes of Hunter X Hunter and last but certainly not the least Kill Bill and Parasite Dolls are still on the top of the list.

However, the authorities haven’t revealed other details regarding the upcoming project of Production I.G. For now, we have its plot, the name of the director, the number of upcoming episodes and the name of anime Studio.

Well like many other anime fans you guys must be waiting for its release date and the details of its cast and other creators. So, keep your fingers crossed for the next update regarding the Fena: Pirate Princess.

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