Uzumaki: Japanese Dub Cast Is Finally Out Now

Watching horror movies in free time is no doubt the best part of the weekend and when these horror movies turn out to be an anime the fun increased up to many folds. While considering the priority of anime fans the famous anime studio Warner Bros is bringing a blast of Dark Fantasy.


Uzumaki a horror anime TV series is about to hit our screen this year. It is an adaption of the famous manga of late 90’s which was from the pen of Junji Ito who is famous for its manga on supernatural powers. Some of his admirable works are Gyo Ugomeku Bukimi and Tomie. Later, the manga was originally published by Viz Media into 3 volumes from 2003 to 2004. Now, after approximately 21 years the Uzumaki is returning as a brand new anime TV series.


As per the source, the anime is from the direction Hiroshi Nagahama who has produced numerous astounding anime till this date. His famous art pieces are The Reflection, Mushishi –Next Passage Bell Droplets and The Flower Of Evil.

Japanese Dub Cast Of Uzumaki

The official twitter account of the anime @UzumakiAnime tweeted the list of Japanese dub cast on Thursday July 22, 2020. Here is the list of the fabulous cast of the animated series of Uzumaki.

This fabulous cast is giving some strong vibes of a new future blockbuster anime in the history of an animated world. So, brace your heart for the most anticipated anime of this year.

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