Rick And Morty: The Trailer For The 5th Season is Out

It is the time of the year when numerous anime are announcing their upcoming seasons. Recently, the authorities of Dragon Prince announced the lineup of its 4 seasons via Netflix. Now, we have another major anime introducing its another season. Rick And Morty being one of the famous anime is always there to set new trends. Unlike to its previous track record, the franchise is bringing its season 5 soon after the end of its season 4.

The Rick And Morty has recently released the trailer of its 5th season. The teaser released through the YouTube channel of Adult Swim. Here is the official trailer of the upcoming season of an anime.

The franchise made the debut of its first anime TV series in 2013. Then after a gap of approximately one and a half year the franchise brought its 2nd season. Similar to the second one 3rd and 4th season came after a gap of one and a half to two years. But, as one can see the 4th season has recently finished its streaming and the franchise has unexpectedly released the trailer of its 5th season.

However, till this date, the authorities haven’t revealed any other information on the new project of Rick And Morty, for example, its cast, creators and the obvious one its release date.

Each season of Rick and Morty consists of 10 episodes except the first one which has a total of 11 episodes. Each episode of the anime is of 22 minutes revolving around the life of a weird scientist and her daughter’s family. Rick And Morty is beautifully portraying the bond between a maternal grandfather (Rick) and his grandson (Morty).

The anime is utterly based on science fiction and how the duo of grandfather and grandson solve those scientific mysteries with the touch of animation and brilliant graphics.

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