Aggretsuko Is All Prepared For Its 3rd Season On Netflix

Watching some classic comedy anime in free time is the best part of a weekend and like every anime fan lot of us plan our weekends according to the availability of anime. When it comes towards an adorable red panda anime many of anime fans schedule their free time to watch Singing Death Metal.

Aggretsuko initially serialized as anime TV series in Japan on April 2016 through TBS. Later in 2018 the Netflix came forward and succeed to get the license of an anime. Netflix streamed its first season in 2018 than the second one came in 2019. In between both of these seasons, Netflix released a special Christmas show starring red panda, Retsuko.

Official Announcement

Netflix which is quite is famous for its large range of programs both anime and non-anime has announced that it will bring its another season. The announcement made through the official twitter account of Netflix on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. According to the statement, Netflix is going to stream Aggretsuko 3 from August 17 of this year.


The creator of Retsuko is Mr. Rarecho. He has performed his duties both as director and the writer of the Netflix exclusive anime Aggretsuko. Along with it he has directed and written the anime TV series Aggretsuko back to the date in 2018.


The anime revolves around a panda Retsuko who works in a well known Japanese firm but, the behavior she had to face from her colleagues and bosses lead her to end up as a singer. The exhausted red panda used to sing Death Metal every night after a tiring day. Well till this date the authorities haven’t revealed many details about the upcoming season of Retsuko but, one thing is sure the upcoming season is going to be another hit like the previous ones.

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