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Among Us Manga Premieres This February! Release Date & Latest Updates

Let’s face it, literally everyone has played Among Us in the last two years. The video game became such a hit that not just gamers but even celebrities tried a hand at it. At the beginning of 2022, fans thought that the popularity of the game had finally set. But the franchise has yet again surprised the masses. Among Us Manga will find itself in the April edition of a Japanese comics. That’s right, and a date is also set for its release. So, here are all the details fans need to know.

InnerSloth brought the video game in the year 2018, but it saw success two years later. So, 2020 marks Among Us’ prime year, the time when everyone hoped into the game. And the popularity has only been increasing since then. The multiplayer game is set inside a spaceship where crewmates complete given tasks while the imposter kills them off to win the game. The game sounds pretty easy but requires major tactical skills and inbuild manipulation.

Among Us Manga

Among Us Manga: Official Announcement!

The speculations began when H2 Interactive, a game publisher, went live and shared an insight into some top manga magazines. Fans were quick to notice an announcement on the page with Among Us written over it. However, the confirmation news came through Twitter when the official account of Developer InnerSloth announced that the worldwide game is getting a Manga adaption. Hence, the internet surely broke with a single tweet. Previously, Manga Mogura had also confirmed this detail.

This was not all since the format was also revealed. So, the manga will not be a long-stretched series but only a one-shot feature. The text will receive its publishing in the April edition of Shogakukan’s Bessatsu Corocoro magazine. However, fans are worried if it will be exclusively for Japan. But considering the immense popularity of the game, a translation will soon follow the release. Fans are hoping an anime series will come up next. If the crowd calls for it, the franchise might undergo more ventures in this direction.

Can The Project Expand Further?

For the fans of Among Us, manga should not be too surprising as the game is known to have indulged in many exciting projects as such. Plus, the branch of Japanese comics is extremely successful. Many video games have turned into anime series, and notably, the vice versa has also happened. The Bessatsu Corocoro magazine has also published manga on significant names such as Mario and Animal Crossing. On the other hand, huge anime shows such as Naruto and the Dragon Ball series have released their own video games.

The author that is penning the one-shot manga is yet to make a reveal. In addition, the story that the text will partake in can be based on various instances. Whereas the space game has many tasks that might find a place in the writing. Fans are already speculating that the manga will feature Red as the imposter continuing the legacy of the popular meme based on the game. If the fans are persistent in wanting an anime release, then a possibility might appear. However, it will be a long run.

Among Us Manga

Among Us Manga: Release Date

Luckily for the fans, the wait will not be a long one. Among Us Manga will appear in the April edition of the magazine which is on February 4, 2022. Considering the popularity of the game, translations in other languages might also be available soon. Fans are also not sure if an international release will take place. However, this should not cause a huge worry since the fans of video game come from all over the world. Hence, again the huge popularity will help. So, for more updates, stay tuned.

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