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Dr. Stone Chapter 225: The Landing! Release Date & Plot Updates

Since the beginning of 2022, the release slates are getting hindered by one break after the other. Dr. Stone Chapter 225 was on another weekly break last Sunday. But now that the chapter is back, fans are eager to explore the surface of the moon. Alongside, the curiosity around what is going on Earth is also high. Similarly, the latest plot update also points towards new developments in the mission. Thus, here is all you need to know about the latest chapter of Dr. Stone.

With the 224th chapter being a filler outing, the next one will be an important outing. In the last two weeks, the team of astronauts has crossed two planets. Their journey to the moon has shown them the stakes. People down on Earth are hopeful that these three will bring justice to them. Thus, eliminating Why Man is not just a task but a kind of responsibility to them.

Dr. Stone Chapter 225: Plot Details!

Weekly plot updates of Dr. Stone have only come out, and they give away the most catchy details from the upcoming chapter. The next chapter will begin with the spacecraft reaching closer to the surface of the moon. The last stage of the mission begins with landing. But before halting on the surface, the team must ensure that there are no attack forces or weapons waiting for them. As much as Why Man has been dissected, he might not lay any traps before the arrival of the guests.

Thus, Kohaku, Stanley, and Senku will be welcomed by empty land. It is much later, when they begin to explore the arena that they will find surveillance equipment spread all across. The episode is expected to conclude with Senku finding the clear location of their nemesis.

Previous Chapter Recap!

The 224th chapter of Dr. Stone opened with Senku looking back at all the times they felt that the moon mission would not work. They surpassed all the hurdles and ended up building the most potent spacecraft ever. Just then, Senku was unpetrified. The first thing he does after getting back is taking a long look at the space outside. Soon enough, Kohaku and Stanley are also brought back from their stone state. Both of them admired the view of the space as well.

Senku mentioned that they had not taken a supper. Thus, he brought out the space ramen, and they all began to eat. But the leisure was soon taken away by the sudden sight of the Byakuya craft. Kohaku noticed the stranded satellite and wondered what would have happened to the pilots inside. But instead of getting disheartened, Senku took it as an inspiration to bring back humanity to the times it used to be.

Dr. Stone Chapter 225

Dr. Stone Chapter 225: Release Date

The weekly break is going to end on the coming Sunday. As Senku’s team enters the spacefaring civilization, there is no going back without a victory. So, Dr. Stone Chapter 225 will be released this Sunday on January 16, 2022. Fans will be able to read all the chapters on the official platforms of Viz Media and MangaPlus. Thus, keep up with all the latest anime updates on The Anime Daily.

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