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Ao Ashi Manga Series Is Finally Getting An Anime Adaptation For 2022!

We have a great piece of news for all the otakus around the globe. One of the most renowned soccer manga series Ao Ashi is finally getting its most awaited anime adaptation. Earlier, there were some rumors about the same, but the makers did not confirm the news themselves. Hence, now that it’s actually happening, fans are very excited to watch it. They just can’t wait to see how the production company animates the complex structure of this manga.

Ao Ashi is a Japanese sport (soccer) manga series. Yugo Kobayashi has written and illustrated it. He began its serialization on January 5, 2015. Ever since then, Shogakukan has published a total of 22 volumes in it. The manga is still on the run and will publish more books soon. However, the fans have been awaiting its 23rd volume since October 2020. 

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Ao Ashi Anime Adaptation Is In Production!

Fans have been waiting for the makers to announce this anime as the manga series already sold over 7.5 million copies. Fortunately, their wait is finally over now. On Friday, the official Twitter handle of Ao Ashi announced that the critically acclaimed manga is finally getting an anime adaptation. They also announced that it is already in production. However, the makers didn’t reveal the name of the production studio. Now, fans are very excited, but at the same time, they are also hoping for the animators not to rush their production. If it is animated properly and remains faithful to its source material, Ao Ashi has the potential to become one of the best anime shows of the upcoming year.

Author’s Comment After The Announcement!

The author of Ao Ashi manga, Yugo Kobayashi, revealed to the fans that he got to know about its anime adaptation last year. However, he is not permitted to speak about it till the official announcement, so he has been hiding it. Besides, Yugo said he continued to cheat the fans and gave them hope about the anime’s adaptation. He is still drawing the manuscript and is looking forward to the day when Ao Ashi reaches a bigger audience through TV. 

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Ao Ashi Release Date!

According to MAL, the debut installment of Ao Ashi’s anime adaptation is currently scheduled for Springs next year. Therefore, fans can expect to see its premiere episode sometime in April 2022. We will update this section when the official trailer comes out.