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Ayashimon Chapter 3: Finding The Family Momento! Release Date

Ayashimon is slowly climbing the ladder to become a top-ranking manga. The fact that this story draws easter eggs and references from other manga has made it even more approachable. So far in the story, it has been established that Urara is the bastard daughter of the leader of the delinquent group called Shinjuku. After her father’s death, the group is divided into several factions that are fighting to find a new chairman. Ayashimon Chapter 3 will continue along the path of this chaotic storyline.

It is also established that Urara has no will to adorn chairmanship in the future. She only wants to go back to the place to receive the last momento that her father left for her. But for the gang members, she is the biggest threat to the position. In this case, how is Denji going to protect his master from all the professional delinquents?

Ayashimon Chapter 3
Viz Media

Ayashimon Chapter 3: Plot Details!

In the upcoming chapter of Ayashimon, Denji and Urara are finally going to enter the gates of Shinjuku. However, since Urara is the rightful heir of Kioh’s throne, it will not be safe for her to roam in the place unguarded. As a result, the two intruders are going to disguise themselves before entering the HQ. Judging by the kind of rows that Denji has been getting into, it is most likely that the boy is going to stumble into one of the gang members.

This will cause suspicion within the building. Later on, Urara and her assistant will head towards her father’s chambers. It was revealed that Urara only wants to take back the one moment that her father left for her. It is the secret Family Crest. Ayashimon Chapter 3 will also include more references from popular manga series as a part of battle sequences.

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Ayashimon Chapter 3
Viz Media

Previous Chapter Recap!

The second chapter of Ayashimon began with the discussion over the death of Kioh, the head of Shinjuku, the delinquent group. Here, Urara convinced Denji to come with her to Shinjuku. At the gates of Kyoto’s Uji Bridge, they were welcomed by a beast named Hashihime that was guarding Shinjuku. But it turned out that the beast lady had nurtured Urara, the bastard child of Kioh, since childhood. As a result, she did not even touch her. However, it was Denji who got into a row with the Kijin.

Urara revealed to Hashihime that she could not see her father even as he was taking his last breaths. That is why she is returning to Shinjuku. At the end, when Denji finally took down the lady, she peacefully retreated. She told them that four sub-groups of the Shinjuku were the most dangerous. She said that the two of them had to be careful while dealing with the Enma Syndicate, the Todoroki Alliance, Ayakashi B-Stars, and the Kori Hotel group.

Ayashimon Chapter 3
Viz Media

Ayashimon Chapter 3: Release Date

Viz Media has already updated the schedule for the upcoming chapter of Ayashimon. As Urara and Denji enter the most dangerous place in the world, what lies ahead for these two children? Ayashimon Chapter 3 is scheduled to release next Monday on November 30, 2021. All chapters of the new manga will release only on the official website of Viz and Shonen. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to get more updates.

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